The Beauty & Power of Wallpaper … when selected, installed and used CORRECTLY

Wallpaper Sexy Organic And Bold

Wallpaper is no longer just for your Grandmother’s bathroom.  In fact, the amazing options available (flocked, bold patterns, metallic, textured, mural, colour blocked, hand painted, faux effect, fabric, mirrored etc. etc.) ensure that you can find the right paper for ANY room or Design style from ultra modern loft to sumptuous and Zsa-Zsa traditional.  It all comes down to selecting the RIGHT …

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The Brilliant & Beautiful Collection from MITCHELL GOLD + BOB WILLIAMS … MGBW

Mitchell Gold Spring 2011

MITCHELL GOLD & BOB WILLIAMS Share AMERICAN MODERNISM American Modernism through the eyes of designers Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams  is …

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Incredibly Affordable and ULTRA Stylish… the MARIMEKKO line of Bedding and Wallpapers

Marimekko LOGO

MARIMEKKO Retro Designed BEDDING Fit for Any Age! Let’s talk bedding for a moment… sexy, affordable, vivid, colourful, beautifully Designed …

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Samsung’s NEW 4-Door French Door Refridgerator goes HI-TECH… LOVE it!


SAMSUNG’s New French Door Refridgerator Goes Hi-Tech (And I Love It!) It’s not surprising that technology has finally gotten to home …

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A Design inspiration from the Classic Film PILLOW TALK

Doris Day Pillow Talk21

A Bedroom Inspired by the 1959 Romantic Comedy PILLOW TALK (from my series of articles about taking Classic Films as …

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A Supercalifragilisticexpiadocious MARY POPPINS themed Bedroom.

Mary Poppins Still

A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Bedroom Fit for MARY POPPINS Mary Poppins (1964) is many things:  An iconic and wildly popular film starring the …

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An Old HOLLYWOOD Glamour Powder Room inspired by ALL ABOUT EVE

Press For Champagne

Old Hollywood POWER ROOM Inspirations from ALL ABOUT EVE As a Designer, there is SO much to love about the film …

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