The Magical & Mysterious beauty of the Castello di Sammezzano

Elle Decor The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castle In Italy 01

… All hearts that were made in an empty mould turned back to clay: in the womb of their mothers’ den. Broken like ceramic dreams, like undisturbed graves, anticipating loneliness and solitude once again. But beware, that voice is out there somewhere still waiting.  (Knights Sleep by Steve Phillips) Famous for its picturesque and cascading hills, Tuscany is equally known …

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How to Add BIG STYLE to a Small Condo or Home

Erica Bearman ELLE DECOR Guest Room

“We would like a small house with large rooms and many of them” While I have always loved that passage …

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Can a Neutral room be SEXY?

White On White With Natural And Eclectic Elements

Taking a VAST detour from my usual posts, let’s talk about something you’ve never heard me speak about before…NEUTRAL spaces. …

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