Bold & Graphic Oversized Round Pendant Chandeliers

Sahara Pendant

A HOT and very sexy trend at the moment is the usage of oversized round pendant light fixtures…especially when used in repetition.  I love the bold and sensual silhouette the lights provide, while being a wonderful marriage between modern design/conceptualization and  traditional elegance.  There are several superb manufacturers of them but a few of my favourites include:

The Sahara Pendant by

The largest of the series…the Sahara is nearly 32 inches in diameter and has a gorgeous hand worked patina.  The glass orb has amber crystals imbedded irregularly so that it gives a softly dappled amber warmth.  The body is hand pierced and then electroplated in nickel and copper and then lacquered to stop oxidation.  It is spectacular in every fashion…

The XXL Intricate by

The XXL is approx. 24 inches in diameter and is hand made in Epypt of copper and glass.  It gives a gorgeous soft modern feeling to a space while adding a sense of whimsy, personality and a sensual intimacy.  I would love to see it over a Dining table either in a grouping  of 3 or a modern pedastal table with a variety of chairs and a banquette to give a sense of layering.

The Annika by

The Annika is more Retro Modern…with a strong Artistic sensibility.  The piercings have an almost sea form sense and its warm white hue complements the shadows thrown by the pierced lighting beautifully.  The play of shadows on the surrounding area is simply beautiful.  The size is good to ground a space as it is 28 inches in diameter and its neutral tone allows it to work in any Design plan or space.  I truly adore the soft twinkle and elevated conceptualization of this piece.

The Garnett Pendant by

Made of hand pierced brass, the countless tiny and irregular holes give off a starry night feeling…modern, yet Romantic and boldly graphic.  A beautiful and strong shape to counteract a space with to many square or hard edges.  I adore this one when it is used in a cluster of 3 especially.