Sensuous & Organic Artisan Lighting by BOCCI

28 Chandelier By Bocci Vancouver

Literally stopping me in my tracks and gaping open mouthed in awe at the lustrous, sensuous and organic beauty, the “28” chandelier by BOCCI (Designed by Omer Arbel) is without doubt exceptional for any space be it Residential or Commercial…just make sure to have the ceiling height required to properly show off its stunning beauty.  The 28 has the sensation of orbiting above you in a beautiful alien-sea life form splay with each globe mouth blown and unique, guaranteed to create a dramatic impact.  This specific chandelier comes in a variety of sizes and colour options allowing you to customize it exactly as required for your space and Design.  I would love to group a few clear and coloured ones together to create a massive, nearly full ceiling sized fixture that has the effect of a full constellation just above your head and almost within reach.  They have a wonderfully glamorous, chic effect upon any space be it ultra modern or more classical/traditonal while giving off a soft and flattering warm glow.  The pendants are designed to be organized in a hexagonal configuration, ranging from 3 to 28 pieces per chandelier, but of course you can group several of them together as well for larger sizes OR have BOCCI custom make a fixture for your space according to your needs. Each chandelier is composed of mouth blown glass and comes with built-in low voltage halogen or LED light. This modern minimalist design is so versatile that it would coordinate with any interior design style and the design arrangement possibilities are endless. Visit Bocci for details or drop by their showrooms in Vancouver, Berlin or London.


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    amazing light! great features on your site, especially like the whats hot section.