Pedestal Tables in the Garden for perfect meals Al Fresco

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There is something intangibly evocative about a pedestal table that always seems so welcoming and gracious in a garden setting (or anywhere for that matter)… as if to convey that you are by nature a perfect host and your evenings “Al Fresco” are always a marvelled success.  Pedestal tables were originally designed for smaller rooms as well as being something of a “status” symbol as they were by nature more intricate, complex to create and detailed. Pedestal tables are as well beautifully functional and will work in any space (indoor or outdoor) regardless of size restrictions.  The commonality  of all pedestal tables being that they have a single leg or central supporting column, ball, caryatid or  pillar, attached under the center of the table top.  Personally, I adore the sense of intimacy and elegance they convey to a space and I love how they can create an open, organic feeling in an exterior garden or terrace, as if the table had grown out of the ground itself and the surface of the table top was in effect its flower and the guests at your table the culmination of your garden.

Some of my favourite pedastal tables for the Garden include:

The ARCADIA 42″ Round Pedestal Table by Crate & Barrel

This pedestal table is has a bold and graphic sculptural presence but the elegance of a classic turned wood table.  The unique spin on this being it has been reinterpreted in modern millscale steel, thereby perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. This beauty is handcrafted with a multi-step rubbed and antiqued finish that’s unique to each table giving it an organic feeling so perfect for your garden or terrace setting and evenings outdoors.

  • 100% milled and powdercoated steel
  • Hand-welded base
  • Multi-step hand-finish
  • Polyurethane lacquer topcoat
  • Seats four
  • For indoor or outdoor use


The Saarinen Table  by KNOLL

Sexy, chic and retro modern, the Saarinen series of tables are striking in every situation, like a bold punctuation mark in the garden.  Originally designed in 1956 for KNOLL, they feel remarkably up to date and fresh and work with nearly any style of chair.  (I myself adore the setting I created with a black version of this table with a series of Louis Ghost chairs surrounding it).  The reason for something becoming a Design classic is because great style never goes out of fashion and these are pieces are exceptionally well designed and can be varied endlessly. Original pieces can be found at Design Within Reach, online (both original and reproduction pieces made in china) or at vintage shops…. just look around.  If you go to DWR however, you can find a range of colours, shapes, sizes, marble options and base options.

Material: marble, molded fiberglass


The BOTTLE Table by Cappellini

Created by BarberOsgerby, a design studio established in 1996 by British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Cappellini.  This unusual sculptural piece adds a sense of whimsy, curiousity and mystery to the garden.  Made completely of Calacatta white marble or black Marquinia marble, the table is available with a square or round top.  I love the sense of the unexpected it gives to the garden… the bottom heavy design of the base gives it a wonderfully “grown from the ground” feeling in a garden, and the choice of materials guarantee it a sense of permance and solidity.

White Calacatta Marble or Black Marquinia Marble

The Platner Table by Knoll

Organice, sensual and beautifully sculptural for ANY garden or terrace setting (or indoors for that matter), this stunner was created in the 1960s by Designer Warren Platner for Knoll.  Platner was a Design genius who transformed steel wire into a sculptural furniture collection, creating what is now considered a design icon of the modern era.  The organic almost flower stem form of the base, mixed with a glass top makes this unique design perfect for a garden setting for chic and sophisticated entertaining.  I would love to see this classic beauty mixed with either very simple modern form exterior acrylic clear chairs OR rougher more primitive style chairs to give a sense of tension between the 2 mediums.

Top options include clear glass, bronze glass.  The base is available in two finish options: bright nickel finish with clear lacquer protection and painted metallic bronze

The ZINC Garden Pedestal Table by Berkshire Home & Antiques
 as well as a version almost identical by Crate & Barrel

This piece amazes and inspires me in many ways… I adore the calm, solidity that the zinc material exudes… I adore the sculptural line and fluidity of the Design… and mostly I love the mix of classic elegance and quirky modernity it gives to a space.  You can dress it up, dress it down, use it inside or outside, use it by itself or have glass or marble cut for the top…the options are endless.  Remind me to post a picture of mine that I use for an upper hall table…I ADORE it.

The Concrete Round Pedestal table by Restoration Hardware

Visually bold and graphic with a deep sense of permanence and solidity…this eclectic and gorgeous piece by Restoration Hardware uses their signature stout teak beams with an equally sturdy concrete top for a mix of materials that will age beautifully outdoors. Aluminum banding encircles the table’s apron.  The piece has an organic feeling to it because of it being hand crafted and the mix of the vintage beams and the concrete.  I would love to see this piece in either a traditional Cottage style garden or in a very modern sharp lined garden that uses repitition and an abundance of greens.

  • Tabletop is handcrafted from concrete composite in a deep slate grey
  • Aluminum banding has a black powdercoated finish
  • Substantial teak base provides enduring strength; teak will weather and patina to a deeper shade of silvery grey
  • Natural variations in the color of the concrete from table to table are to be expected; no two tables are exactly alike
    1. Candice CottonCandice Cotton06-28-2011

      LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the zinc table. Will try to go by Crate and Barrel to get one. The berkshire version is out of my pricetag, but thanks for letting me know that Crate makes one. As always, the best info Robin.

    2. Toni AndrewsToni Andrews07-01-2011

      Can not tell you how much I want the Restoration Hardware table. Now just to make my balcony larger for it to fit. I like the vintage one a lot in the first photo. I enjoy your blog, thanks.

    3. KristinKristin11-26-2011

      I can’t find the zinc pedestal tables anywhere, do you know where I can purchase one.