The Breezer Sunbrella – Parasol by Encompassco

Breezer Parasol 6

What do you get when you merge stunning High Art conceptualism with a utilitarian product and then add a bold dash of whimsy and nostalgia? … Well, the answer is the magnificent Breezer Sunbrella by Encompassco  designed by Davy Grosemans.  One part conceptual  laundry carrousel like my grandmother used to use and one part “The Gates” by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.  The Breezer parasol visually plays with wind, movement and Light, elevating it from mere utilitarian object into a work of Art that boldly reaches out from the garden, providing needed shade but as well stimulating our sense memories and inspiring our creative spirits with its bold and brilliant simplicity.  

The Breezer canopy measures 3.5 x 2.5m and is available with the canopy in ecru or grey whilst the Breezers’ dinstinctive fluttering flags are only available in pure white with a brushed stainless steel pole and a base in either anthracite grey or white powder coated steel.

The Breezer garden parasol can be ordered without the base, but will need considerable support as it is a large, heavy item (42 kg). It is designed for both contract & private use & will withstand very high winds.  In other words… if you are ordering it, get the base.   I can imagine this piece in nearly any outdoor setting from an ultra modern garden where it would in effect act as a sculpture; in a more tradtional garden where its nostalgic conceptual element would come to the forefront; or on a beach front/lake front cottage or home where the breeze would keep it moving in an organic and inspirational form.  Simply a brilliantly successful merging of Design and Function.


  1. Jason MoonJason Moon06-29-2011

    I want this so BAD. Glad you shared I would never have seen it otherwise. I am totally obsessed with having this in my garden now. Thanks (i think haha). Great website and I like the way you write. J.

  2. HelenHelen06-29-2011

    I love this and I could really use it on our patio. I need to block out the daylight since I have a dog who barks at the sun. 🙂

  3. Sarah C.Sarah C.07-01-2011

    WOW I will take 2 please. 🙂 Do they mail order?

  4. DrewDrew07-01-2011

    OMG, these are to die for! You have a great eye!