Meet the THOR Garden Fire Pit… Stylish, Sexy and a REAL conversation starter

Thor Fire Pit By Encompassco

The THOR Fire Pit designed by AK47 for ENCOMPASSCO

To say this is NOT the typical backyard fire-pit is beyond an understatement.  Designed by the brilliant Design team at AK47 Design, the Thor is one part garden sculpture, one part post modern statement, one part utilitarian object and one part primordial/instinctual DELIGHT.  Because of its tall form and small footprint, the Thor works beautifully in smaller gardens or terraces and truly makes your outdoor living space a real living space (as well as extending the usage of the terrace in the later cooler seasons for some of us).  The unit is filled from the top, to feed a fire “imprisoned in a vertical cell” (I love that line from the Designer) .  Because of its bold Design mixed with its utilitarian nature it can be impetuous or delicate, totally depending upon the environment it is situated within.  I particularily enjoy how the sculpted form holds the flames as well as displaying the firewood at the same time.  I especially love the “JENGA” like nature of feeding the fire.  It is of course designed to meet all safety codes but of course keep an eye out for children and any open flame.   On a practical side, the front grate is easily removed so that the fire can be lit and an ash drawer below means the Thor can be easily cleaned.  I would LOVE to see it mixed in with the Capri line from Alfred Sung Outdoor or with the monolithic series from DWR.  The unit is drop shipped directly to your door so you can even buy one in your robe and bunny slippers.  Get inpspired and create the Garden of your dreams.


 A few other Options available by AK47 for Encompassco include: