MARTHA STEWART PAINT available at The Home Depot…. it’s a very GOOD Thing!

Martha Stewart Tester Paint Pots All In A Row


If you are an avid reader of my website, it will come as no surprise to you that I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart and her ferocious approach to interior decorating, gardening and Design. This was why I was so ecstatic about The Home Depot teaming up with Martha to create a new, sexy, fresh and environmentally conscious paint line exclusive to The Home Depot.  Everything about the paint line has been meticulously thought out, presented and researched… to say that The Home Depot hit the jackpot with the launch of her paint line last year is an understatement.  With 280+ colours to chose from (in every finish for both interior and exterior) this brilliantly conceived, Designer edited and VERY livable paint palette is also under $50 a gallon, making it affordable to bring verve and vigour to your home for the upcoming Fall season.  That’s the point of not having 4,000 colours in a random all attempting palette; these are colours that Martha herself has been editing down over the course of a lifetime of work and passion, colours that ( for me) are the best and easiest for decorating situations (especially her delicious selection of VERY useable Pinks). People can live with them easily, and it will work with what they have already, whether their style is Modern, Traditional, Eclectic or Contemporary.

The colour trend reports according to Leatrice Eiseman (executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute and the head of the Eiseman Center for Colour Information and Training) explained that The big picture theme is a Mosaic of Colour and Style, this reflects cultural, universal time frames and seemingly disconnected elements. Though new technologies continue to reinvent the future, we may notice some things have a vaguely nostalgic feeling.”  In other words … don’t be afraid of colour this fall and be brave and bold when picking your next paint colour.

This much needed return to rich colours with visual depth is a very welcome Design direction as well as easily achievable with the electric, nature inspired and exciting hues available in the Martha Stewart Paint line such as Honeysuckle Pink (an essential pink that is actually so versatile I classify it as a neutral), Araucana Teal, Francesca Black, Hummingbird Blue, Sunken Pool, Lagoon (a STUNNING colour when you do a colour feature wall and have it as a sexy, fresh and clean pop against pale cream walls and white trim), Terra Nova (a FANTASTIC colour choice to add vitality and freshness to a historic home) or Watermelon. 

Martha Stewart’s Dandelion Yellow symbolizes the return of a touch of lemon to everyday life. Her subtle, yet inviting, offerings of yellow in the edited palette are perfect for hints of tradition and splashes of excitement through your traditional décor. Do I see an opportunity for a “5th Wall” colour here in addition to my love of pink and pale blue on the ceiling?

The easy spread and Overall consistency of the paint makes it very easy to work with and has a great dry time allowing you to touch up or correct any “oops” along the way.  Another great aspect of the paint is that it is VERY low odour and great for the environment.  Whether you are the Da Vinci of home painting or picking up a brush for the first time, the Martha Stewart Paint line is exceptional in quality, colour, visual depth, pricing, availabilty and Design impact.  Now GET PAINTING!

  1. Angela D.Angela D.08-04-2011

    I love the colours you mentioned in her paint line and especially love the back story about how Martha created and has used a lot of the colors over the last few years. I usually use B.M. … BUT I will try out Martha for my redo. I’m opting for Honeysuckle Pink and the beautiful creams in line. love, love, love the Martha paint chip wall you did.

  2. Sandy BSandy B08-06-2011

    I must say I adore Martha and you as well Robin
    You were ALWAYS the best one on Restaurant Makeover by a mile. love ya S.B.

  3. Zandra KiosZandra Kios03-24-2012

    great article and very informative and fun. will try the colors next weekend.