A Designer HEAT WAVE in your Kitchen… literally and figuratively – The VIKING PRO SERIES

Viking Red Gas Range

The VIKING 60″ Freestanding Commercial Gas Range

As I have encouraged before (relentlessly), a bold, sexy, new colour in your kitchen will not only add a visual splash  of epicurean delight, it will lighten and brighten your kitchen, giving it a modern and fresh sensibility.  While often I would be referring to repainting your walls, the colour of your cabinets or adding a sexy new countertop… today I’m actually talking about the Racing Red 60″ Commercial freestanding gas range by Viking.  Viking has recently sparked my apetite with this mouthwatering beauty, allowing you to not only look stunning while cooking, but as well cook like a pro in your own home.

This BIG GUY, packs up to 18,500 BTUs and infinite settings of easy-to-clean high performance sealed burners. A combination of unique patented burners and surface design provides cleanability plus superior performance at any
temperature setting.  Raised edges around the perimeter seal top totally contains all spills (a VERY good thing for me).  The surfaces have been porcelanized for easy cleaning, durability and long lasting finish, it is this baked on porcelain veneer that allows for the visual colour depth and complextity of the colour palette.  The 60″ range comes in 24 standout colours so you can express your inner hunger for attention in the kitchen.  However, I highly recommend the Racing Red because its sexy, brilliantly bold and the colour is a beautiful addition to any kitchen design from tradition to modern and acts like a visual appetizer to your palette. Red is such a stimulating focal point in any room, but especially a kitchen as red excites your hunger and energy, the exact emotions you want to envoke in the room where you eat, entertain and generally act your vivacious self.  I would especially LOVE to see it paired with a white quartz kitchen countertop and glossy lacquer cabinets with white walls and a coloured ceiling.

Some may shy away from such a large bulky piece in an already applicance-heavy room, but this voluptuous beauty will be a guarenteed conversation starter and perhaps enticing your guests to actually cook for you in your own kitchen (something I usually make my guests often do …. so be forewarned).



Smaller 36″ Commercial Range Version

RACING RED by Viking

  1. Sandra B.Sandra B.07-27-2011

    GREAT FIND want want want. I’f I’m a good girl can you stick one under the christmas tree for me?