Young Adult or Teen Bedrooms with Bold & Sassy Flair!

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Designing your Dream Room

Design has a massive impact upon how we feel about ourselves and those around us, which is why I loudly proclaim how essential it is that you make your personal space (your room at home, your dorm room, your apartment, your Hut on the Serengeti) look and feel as FRESH, STYLISH, SMART and CHIC as you are and you want to be and feel. Your personal space is like the Stage for your life and should best accentuate and encourage your aspirations, thoughts and objectives. This sounds MUCH more complicated than it is… it really just means some hard work, lots of creative painting and coming up with a Design Plan that has your name written all over it (NOT your parents, roommate, Bf or Gf but YOU). Sometimes this will mean pitching your Design concept to your parents or creating a Design that will be able to be easily removable such as your Dorm room at school. If you have your own apartment you have more freedom, but remember many landlords require the space the same as when you move out.


Your Design elements need to be interconnected creating interiors that are both functional and aesthetic while creating different zones in your space that encourage your School work, friends chilling, social activities or just plain relaxing in your own private environment. Remember your Design should be fun, livable and enjoyable for friends and family as well, so a little compromise, and a lot of creativity go a LONG way.


Love Paris?  Then bring Paris to your bedroom… Try a black and white Eiffel Tower wall tattoo that is 7 feet tall (from with French-words hand painted in big calligraphic text on the walls in an accent colour with a light fixture made of white feathers in a big ball and some touches of hot pink and orange to give it the fashionable feeling of “OOO La La”.

Colour Crazy

Don’t be afraid of a splash of a shocking colour to create a vivid and energizing atmosphere. Just remember to CONTROL the use of the colour by colour blocking one wall with your feature colour (like HOT pink, Saffron Yellow, Juicy Orange even a gorgeous deep Black) and then do the other walls in a pale off white with your trim a fresh and crisp shade of Polar white. Then add further dimension to the room with some bold fabrics in punchy prints and patterns (in either an accent colour or the same colour depending upon how bold you are) and add some textured elements like a sea grass or sheepskin carpet and massive framed cork boards where you can display photos and posters. Try painting the back of your door in the same colour as your accent wall BUT use chalkboard paint custom tinted to match…so you can leave yourself messages or notes or your friends can leave you messages.

Study in Sizzling Style

Schoolwork is a necessity (high school, university, or actual work from work) so it is essential to create a cool, comfortable and inspiring place where you can focus and achieve your goals. Splurge on funky supplies and a computer with all the bells and whistles, it will ALWAYS come in handy and make sure your desk and chairs are both comfortable and go with the look of your space so you feel inspired to work. (Try my Armoire into home office project if your feeling crafty)  Then add a little chic loveseat or cool retro modern armchair for reading or quick naps during cramming sessions. You can often find AMAZING deals for these online on craigslist or kajiji. Make sure to add some multi-purpose furniture like an ottoman with hidden storage (lift top lid) and a wall unit with both open and closed storage (Ikea is a great source for both these items). The goal is to create a space that helps you keep motivated, encouraged, organized and passionate about what you love.

The CHILL Zone

Equally important as your study zone is your sanctuary… otherwise known as your chill zone. You want to encourage friends to come over so you need a space where you can sit comfortably, from cool little club chairs, bold coloured bean bag chairs, Asian style floor cushions or a retro modern sectional sofa if you have the room with a big oversized ottoman. Make sure to add some bold and brilliant accent pillows (for your bed, sofas/chairs, floor, etc.) and a good docking sound system for your ipod. Don’t be afraid of adding some over the top even crazy accessories such as feather boas, vintage signs, or some great finds from online like a vintage vanity (which you can paint out in your favourite colour and create a professional style primping station).


In other words…Create the perfect stage for you life & Get Designing now and send me your photos.

The Perfect Desk Chair… the Louis Ghost Chair


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    absolutely love the article and the message conveyed Great writing and I will make sure my baby sis reads this.