Meet the TAM TAM vertical vessel sink by IlBagnoAlessi One by Laufen

Ban Tam Tam Sink

ILBAGNOALESSI One by Laufen (yes it IS a mouthful to say…but it MORE than makes up for it with its spectacular style and visual punch) is a bathroom fixture line that has cast a spell over the Interior Design and Architectural world for years.  However, the real star or in this case, Diva, of the collection is the sculptural marvel, floor-standing washbasin, affectionately called Tam-Tam (this is an homage to its likeness of Tribal African drums).  The IlBagnoAlessi One Collection was designed by celebrated Italian Designer Stefano Giovannoni, who is well known for his creative work with Alessi.  The Tam Tam is Cast in one flawless piece with all of its technical inner workings hidden within its fluid and sculptural form.  The resulting effect is one that is organic, almost primordial with a bold dash of sensuousness and MY favourite element to its Design, modern eccentricity. The other washbasins (half height and full height), impressive freestanding bathtub, ceramic shower tray, the WCs, bidets and urinals in the ensemble also speak the same sensuous, witty & cerebral design language all with a curvaceous modern feminine element.  The IlBagnoAlessi One series is about a timeless form, sparkling imagination and elevating our home baths into works of Art.  I envision them working in almost any style home adding a much needed sense of freshness and the unexpected in your home renovation.

According to Alessi, the tubs and ceramic pieces symbolize the maternal aspect of the bathroom, the feminine side of things as they are round, soft and offer a welcoming refuge from the outer daily world.  Other elements in this stunning collection include:

Half TAM TAM Washbasin
Laufen’s new Half TAM TAM washbasin is affectionately named after its likeness to the drum. A smaller version of the iconic floor standing TAM TAM but no less commanding, it too is impressively cast in one single piece.

Tuna Washbasin
Laufen’s new TUNA washbasin, borrowing from the graceful curves of its namesake, is an imaginative and timeless piece that holds just the right touch of femininity and eccentricity. With the sink and counter cast as a single, vitreous form and available in a warm grey or clean white finish, TUNA is a modern and impressive ceramic piece.

IlBagnoAlessi One freestanding Bathtub
Offering a tranquil bathing experience, the Ilbagnoalessi One bathtub maintains the delightful curves of the collection. Made of scratch-resistant acrylic, this tub’s round, soft design is the perfect complement to the other pieces of the collection.

Available as a freestanding or wall mount, the Ilbagnoalessi One toilet features an oval form with flowing lines and round curves, turning the bathroom into a place of intimacy. With dual-flush technology, this GREEN GOOD DESIGN Award winner meets EPA WaterSense® requirements with an average of 1.28 gallons per flush