A BETSEY JOHNSON inspired Bedroom for a young Adult… (or young at Heart)

Betsey Johnson 6

For all of my little fashionistas out there, it’s time for a room re-vamp!  (a  very fashion oriented vampy room re-vamp).  Take a few hints from my favourite princess of pink, her royal highness, Fashion Icon Betsey Johnson.   If you have ever been inside a Betsey Johnson shop, you would have heard at least one person squeal in delight “I LOVE IT IN HERE!”… take that feeling and bring it home to your own bedroom.


Everyone knows how much I love PINK PINK PINK (type in the work Pink on my search and you will see what I mean). Betsey Johnson’s iconic rockabilly-crazy style provides a kitsch overdose of inspiration for your bedroom. With her bright yellows, passionate love affair with vivid pink and lurid floral explosions, you can take elements from her years of her cutting edge fashion reign. Remember the Bamileke Headdress that I have mentioned before in my blog (it’s a shockingly hot pink traditional headdress worn by dancers in tribal ceremonies in Cameroon), well, what a perfect sizzling  colour accent that would be situated perfectly in a room like this. Don’t be afraid to express your inner DIVA with graphic and boldly colored floral bedding offset with a chunky black trim or skirtboards.   Think Gothic Lolita, girls! Stripes, flirty brights and luscious, sexy reds and pinks.  Then introduce her punk style with a polka dot throw of insane colours and make your own accent pillows with a faux fur fabric with chunky buttons, with a nautical theme.  Then find an Art store or Print shop and get a few punchy 80s inspired Warhol prints and group them in large and bold groupings of 4, 6 or 9.   Then channel your inner Designer, as it is garage sale season, keep your eyes peeled for old bodices, crinoline skirts, bustiers or designer mannequins you can stage in your room as if its your own private Atelier.  Use the crinolines to create a fashionista bedskirt and wrap your lamps with them to create haute couture shades.

If you dare to be creative with your clothing and opt for glamour and glitz, then the same is true of your home. Take it from the words of Betsey herself “If fashion is a planet, home is more like a universe.” The possibilities are endless and totally workable for any budget.  When selecting colours keep in mind Orchid Rose #S-G-110, Startling Orange #S-G-230, Lime Pop # S-G-400 by Behr Premium Plus paints and Lagoon #MSL125 by Martha Stewart Living.

A Betsey inspired room is not complete without her signature vivid red lips sealing your pillows with a kiss, the only time it’s appropriate to have lipstick on your linens. Once you are done, invite me over and we will do cartwheels in your room!

  1. Cindy FCindy F09-05-2011

    super idea, love the idea of using a fashion icon as a room inspiration and really love Betsey. GREAT work Robin