The Magic of MADGE – Designing a MADONNA inspired bedroom or boudoir

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Continuing our series of interior Design themes inspired by Pop Culture, let’s talk about Madonna (the Queen of Pop…not the other one) and using her as an inspiration for a bedroom or boudoir.  One thing about Madonna is that she fully commits herself to a look, whether it’s in music, fashion or design. That conical-shaped bra, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, that Madonna wore during her Blonde Ambition tour in the 1990s?… She rocked it.  Or, more recently, how about the hot pink disco-inspired number that she wore on the cover of her Confessions on a Dance floor album? …rocked hard once again (and at that time she was in her late 40s). But if there is one thing to learn from Madonna’s transformations – whether they are personal, musical or decorative – it’s go big or go home.

When you think of Madonna’s personal flair, what are some words that immediately come to you? For me, its leather, pearls, lace gloves, structured tailored clothing and crosses. Even though they are Madonna’s previous fashion styles, it’s easier to put on a pair of lace gloves or a cowboy hat – like her style change in 2000 with the release of Music – than it is to put on a boxing belt, as was her style change in her most recent album Hard Candy. Boxing belts don’t do well in home décor unless you’re planning on designing for a teenage boy who is a UFC fanatic and that’s not what we’re going to be discussing today, thank-you!

There are many sides to Madonna, so when designing a Madge-inspired bedroom, remember that your room can have many different personalities. But since Madge IS magic – and because we’re already in autumn, Halloween is upon us, and winter is fast approaching — let’s move over to the dark side and explore the “magic of black”.  Let’s face it… Madonna does have a touch of gothic glamour in her style, that’s always been apparent.  So let’s keep that that theme in mind when creating a Madonna inspired bedroom (or boudoir).  The new gothic movement in design is all about the “Edwardian femme fetale look with a modern-day self empowered attitude” and Madonna is definitely a modern day femme fetale, so it fits perfectly.

Think decadent boudoirs and romantic bedrooms and everything in its proper place. Bedding and furnishings with velvet, lace, silk and leather ooze passion and romance. At the same time, they’re highly liveable and can continue to be incorporated in your décor style as the seasons change or as you need to edit when you need a change. You can even move these pieces to other rooms in your living space when you get tired of them in one place. Madonna herself is exquisite, luxurious and touchable, so the fabrics should also be exquisite, luxurious and very touchable. Don’t be afraid to add in other objects made out of tarnished metal, distressed mirrors, or as I mentioned in my Betsey Johnson article, splashes of a lipstick-coloured red to set the mood.  I would as well colour block one wall in Francesca black by Martha Stewart Paint and cover the entire wall in black framed black and white photographs with chunky white matting (and I DO mean the entire wall .. leaving a 6 inch gap between the frames from side to side and top to bottom).  For more detailed inspiration on this see my article on how to hang Artwork.

Mix strong accessories into the room, much like Madonna’s strong upper body (that she probably got while working out at her Hard Candy gym franchise and her years of Yoga) I recommend beautiful oversized floor candelabras (sculptural and sensual), a series of floor mirrors with a heavy moulding frame (no less than 7 feet tall… believe it or not but IKEA actually has a variety of amazing floor mirrors in great price points) or cushions made out of luscious materials, like silk velvet, with lots of reflective materials so that you can see your beautiful self. Because we know that Madonna probably checks herself out countless times a day, and so should you!  Don’t be afraid of mixing ornate traditional elements with modern clean lined elements as well to give it a true eclectic feeling.

If you want to be a Material Girl like Madonna, think pearls and sequins, and add them to the room wherever you see fit. Keeping with the gothic theme, when you’re adding in colour, add in other deep shades (such as plum, garnet or midnight blue tones) to keep the room from looking too dull or dark and then add bold blocking of gloss white to one or two of the walls and some oversized accessories such as a huge sculptural lamps (they should be sensual and somewhat figurative in their shape). Another element that would blend beautifully in this room is an inspirational quote from Madonna on one of the bedroom walls.  Some of my favourites from the mouth of Madonna are “Never forget to dream”, “express yourself don’t repress yourself” or “I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams” because they (obviously) go along with the bedroom theme.

Whatever you do, do not add any hydrangeas, because as we all know, Madonna loathes them (and she would not be impressed!)

Sweet dreams!


  1. Sammi OgilvieSammi Ogilvie10-07-2011

    Such a cool idea and I love it. I’m a bit timid so maybe this will help release my inner Madonna. haha Really fun article. Enjoyed it a lot, and the Gaga one.