Biebsified … A Justin Bieber inspired Interior Design for a Teen Study

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Continuing our “Inspired by Pop Culture” Blog trend: (or this one)

Back to school season is officially over.  However, for students of all ages, this means that schoolwork/work is piling up.  But don’t fret! You can make the work or study experience more enjoyable by creating your own personal space that reflects your unique style and individual needs, yet drawing on what inspires you.

I’m going to concentrate today on creating a sizzling study space (a little alliteration for you…look it up) for teenagers, and who better to draw inspiration from than the lead teen heartthrob, talented musician (and fellow Canadian) Justin Bieber. Justin is known Worldwide for his musical talent and his famous “Bieber hairstyle”. If you don’t know his name, you must be living under a rock somewhere (and I suggest you get out from under that rock now because you’re missing out on my fabulous design tips!) And if you’re a teenager yourself, or a parent of a teenage girl anywhere in the world, you’ve probably heard a song or two by him, been to his concerts, seen his face on television, or watched one of his music videos.

To create a Bieber-inspired look, you could just tack up posters of Bieber in your study or den. But what I’m going to concentrate on today is something a little more sophisticated that adds in elements of Justin – whether it is his Canadian roots, his personality, or his hobbies. For any musical lover, to make your study space more exciting, I would suggest incorporating a musical note wall mural which will harmonize with any décor.  You can achieve this with giant oversized wall appliqués (like the Blik ones we talked about before) or even go free hand if you have the skill level required.  Make sure to make it bold, oversized and to do a contrary colour to the background wall.  (if your wall is black, then do them white….etc.) Or how about using wall art in fun shapes, like a guitar, microphone or piano? That way, you can show off a little bit of rock-and-roll edge to your study space. These are perfect because they fit into any space, whether a boy or girl.  They are easy to create, simply sketch them out on a piece of MDF and then have them cut out by someone with a jigsaw (we all have a handy relative or neighbour).  Paint them in bold and graphic colours so they punch out from the existing wall colour.  Speaking of wall colours…I would opt for an overall palette of white and then do one feature wall in a brilliant colour (or black).  Against this palette do the musical notes on your dark wall in white and then if you spread the musical notes on the side wall invert the colour of them so they read black against the white wall.  I would then have your musical instrument cut-outs on the white walls as shelving or simply as Art and have them in punchy bold colours like lime green or electric orange.

The desk is essential in the space (as it IS a study). I always opt for the best and most comfortable one your budget will allow.  I suggest using materials made out of wood, especially dark wood, to reflect Justin’s Canadian roots (you can even support a Canadian designer or retailer).  If you’re going to pick wood furnishings, try to incorporate a desk chair in a bright and fun colour such as the moulded acrylic options at IKEA or a leather ergonomic one you can use for years (in a crisp white or bold coloured leather like orange or sky blue). When planning your Design think outside the box, who says that a study should just be all about books?  Add in elements of your favourite hobbies to inspire creativity and move the study space away from ordinary and into extraordinary.  Some of Justin’s favourite hobbies include playing sports, breakdancing and skateboarding. So if you have a skateboarding fan on your hands, how about propping a skateboard on some books and leaning it against the desk? Or better yet…saw a few in half and make shelves out of them.  Add sports accessories to your shelves like footballs, baseball gloves, basketballs, tennis racquets, lacrosse sticks (these make great pulls for closet doors and dressers as well) – whatever the hobby may be. When doing that, not only does the study act as a creative space, it also turns into a storage space, so you’re not always tripping over basketballs and tennis racquets in the hallway. You can thank me later.


Justin’s music is fun, inspiring, positive and light, and people love him because of his caring, honest and innocent persona. So keep that in mind when designing your Bieber inspired study. In this case, less is more. Be sure not to clutter up the space as it will cause distractions and make for a more difficult learning environment. Keep it personal by adding in an area for photos and mementos like pictures of family and friends in a bold framed wall grouping (and maybe a framed photo of the Canadian cutie!) The finishing touch would be to add some of Justin’s own lyrics or quotes to the walls to deepen the inspirational aspect of the Design.  My favourite quote from Justin himself being… “If you don’t dream big, there’s no use of dreaming. If you don’t have faith, there’s nothing worth believing.”

Have fun and enjoy yourself!




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