Rolling in the Sheets… An ADELE inspired Bedroom Design

Mirror Mirror... Creating A Dramatic Focal Point

Adele is a Lioness.  That word was used to describe the beautiful and talented singer by New York-based designer Barbara Tfank in the September 2011 online edition of UK Vogue.  Tfank designed the outfit that Adele wore to the 2009 Grammy Awards: a double-faced, satin cocktail coat and a black satin dress paired with a 19th Century floral diamond brooch that she wore on her décolletage.  But designers and music fans aren’t the only ones who have been captured by Adele’s energy. Beyoncé noted that listening to Adele was like “listening to God” and Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour’s cold heart seems to melt around the beautiful singer who was born in North London.

Sigh… I just love Adele.

Besides being an exquisite singer, Adele is also a fashion icon and an inspiration to women for promoting body acceptance and body confidence. She has poise, taste, humour, and soul.  Those are some words that you should take with you when trying to design a bedroom inspired by Adele.  Her music fills listeners with light and enthusiasm, and so should your bedroom every time you walk into it. I was inspired by Adele’s “Someone Like You” video which was shot live from her home (and which you can check out on YouTube). There are some really stand-out pieces in the video that give way to Adele’s personal décor style.  Worth mentioning is a beautiful, textured headboard and an elegant mirror.

So how would you describe Adele’s personal style?  It’s obvious that she loves black.  Tfank even noted that she designs for Adele as if she was starring in a black and white movie.  I thought that was particularly interesting because it really sets the mood or tone of any design (whether it be in the fashion or décor realm). You might be hesitant of an all-black or mostly-black bedroom because it could look like something out of a Tim Burton film very easily (not that that’s a bad thing, just not what we are looking for in this situation).  But being “colour-limited” doesn’t mean that there aren’t other possibilities.  Instead of colour, play more with texture, nuance, shape and illumination to create your Adele-inspired look.  Paint a feature wall Francesca Black by Martha Stewart Paint…it is a sexy yet very livable and elegant black and works beautifully with crisp white trim and a cloud white ceiling (by benjamin moore).

 If you’re trying to achieve an Adele bedroom, your style should reflect a timeless, modern, innovative and classical look. That might sound confusing because some words seem to contradict others.  How can a room be modern and timeless, innovative yet classical?

One tip: go vintage!  This is the fun part. Go hunting at your favourite vintage furniture stores.  There you can find something rich with history and easy on the wallet.  I’m surprised that I’m even mentioning this, but flea markets and garage sales are also good places to look for stand-out pieces. Why? Because you’re searching for something that reflects Adele’s “60s mod” era look, and these spots are the best places to go. Pairing these vintage pieces with more modern furniture can help you establish that “timeless and modern” look that you’re going for.

Instead of a night table, how about using a commode? The word commode comes from the French word convenient. Try to find a commode which was designed in the ‘60s. You can pair it with an elegant mirror – I love the ones from Wisteria – and maybe an antique nail head stool that you can use to sit down at to apply your makeup or get ready for the day. Add in a really funky crystal or blown glass lamp designed in the 1960s. That way you’re incorporating many looks from different eras, creating that timeless and modern look that still has a 60s flare to it.

Don’t forget your bookshelf. You want to show off just how much of a sophisticated and intelligent woman (or man) you are (just like Adele!) I’m mentioning this because one wall of Adele’s living space is covered with shelves of books, so it’s obvious that she has a love of reading.  Have fun playing with the way your books are positioned on the shelves. This is also a good place to incorporate photos, nick-nacks, or other memorabilia that might clog up your bedroom otherwise. Adele did it; you should too!

Trends 2013 muted tones with black and white

Another tip: place a bench at the foot of your bed. To me, that’s so Adele. I can just picture her sitting on her bed bench, getting dressed, and singing to herself.  It’s very sexy and chic in any bedroom. Find one that is made of cushy, soft velvet or something else just as decadent. If you’re designing with mostly black in mind, it’s in the small pieces that you can add a hint of colour (a dark green or red seems Adele-appropriate). And while you’re at it, don’t forget about the blankets and throws in rich textures that are appealing to the eye and to the touch.

With your Adele inspired bedroom, it’s all about luxury and warmth. So hopefully next time I see you, you won’t be “rolling in the deep” but “rolling in your nice new sheets” (sorry, I couldn’t resist the obvious).   

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