Country with a Sassy Kick… A Taylor Swift inspired Bedroom Design

Rawlinenheadboard Robin De Groot Design

Fall is an incredilbe inspiration to Design because of all of the magnificent autumn shades – the blend of yellow, gold, red, orange, russet and greens.  A stroll through any park is enough to send your mind on a creative journey.  Fall colours aways remind me of and seem so appropriate for beautiful country inspired interiors.  I’m sure that many of you are afraid to create a country look because you’re worried that it might be too cliché.  For some, it might remind of you of the Americana bathroom that you’ve been into while you’re visiting your Cousin Betty-Sue Freebush down south for the Fourth of July. You know the look: the patriotic-themed décor with an American flag towel-rack, stars and stripes shower curtain and red, white and blue accessories. Or maybe you think of a lodge or cabin look: wildlife style decorations — like moose or deer – hanging on the walls, log furniture, and pinecone centerpieces. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Country inspired decor can be fresh, sexy, witty and bold.  Morevover it is often very user friendly (translation: can take a beating by guests or vile children).  Who is a better person to draw country inspiration from – that includes a modern, timeless look – than Miss Taylor Swift.   Taylor is as sweet and wholesome as apple pie. Whether she’s singing her newest single, or getting her moments in the spotlight at certain music award events taken away, you’ve ‘gotta love her!  She is many things: the All-American Girl, The Prom Queen, and the Best Friend.  She’s a “best friend” to many Designers as well because of her personal style that is a mix of country, modern and sophistication, while still being age appropriate.

So in homage to Taylor, I’m going to show you some bedroom design tips that any All American Girl, Prom Queen, or Best Friend would absolutely love.

Country design is about being warm, natural and real.  Its design approach is to bring you back to a simpler time and convey an honest  and comfortable feeling.  So in order to achieve that, use rich and warm country colours (our Fall palette we discussed).  When considering your paint plan, try using deep saturated blues, greens and reds, tempered with a heavy dollop of creams, biscuit and stone tones.  For reds, think: Taylor’s scarlet-coloured electric guitar, the cover of Allure’s April 2009 edition which features Taylor’s bright red lips, or the Cover Girl commercial Taylor is featured in for Lip Perfection Lipstick.  Remember to be bold

To create a country-inspired bedroom, you can definitely live in Technicolor or you could use hushed neutrals and restful petals, both work.  You are only limited to your own creative powers!  For example, a combination of teal blue and moss green is bold but beautiful – just like Taylor.  In addition, using a soft floral pattern on the wall decorations, rug, and bedding, will help to pull the look together.

What would be a fun way to make a dramatic statement in your Taylor-inspired bedroom? Add in a large four-posted bed!  I suggest that you paint the bed a crisp blue tone to take the bedroom to a whole new level by adding in an element of surprise while still going with the country feel. While you’re at it, paint the ceiling the same colour to pull the room together and to add a fun, jaunty edge. And creating a country-inspired raw linen headboard is very easy! All that is required is a wooden headboard, a paintbrush, and tinting glaze to create the “raw linen” look.  So you don’t have to break the bank (or your back!)  Or for those of you handy with a needle and thread…simply go to your local fabric store and get 6 yards of a heavy textured lined and whip up a linen slipcover for your headboard or make a bunch of linen squares on mdf panels to create an oversized headboard.

Don’t know what to do with accessories? Stick with the basics. Layer your room with mirrored cubed night tables or a big, chunky mirror as a focal piece. And you don’t have to stick with a “country” themed mirror (if there is such a thing!) Because we all know underneath Taylor Swift’s sweet persona is a little Marie Antoinette just dying to come out! How about using a Venetian style mirror? They are simply stunning and fit in with traditional décor, modern glam – and yes — even country-inspired designs.

In my previous articles, I have concentrated a lot on fun things to do with your walls. A unique way to add a country feel to your wall, but giving an unexpected twist, is to have one wall made out of exposed brick.  The brick gives off timeless feel to the room. Pair it with elegant décor in soft shades of white and add in a stunning glass chandelier with faux candles to give it some elegant and some grace that is reminiscent to Taylor’s personal style.  It also plays with the “primitive country” design look – you know, the rough, old and unfurnished feel. From there, you can either glam up the room or make it soft and elegant by your choice of décor.  You can buy brick veneers at Home Depot and glue them on to your wall and then use a caulking grout to make them realistic.  You can also whitewash them when done to give a more fresh take on the brick wall.  I also LOVE the idea of buying Pine boars (1 by 8 by 8 feet) and creating a feature wall with them…the ENTIRE wall.  You can leave them natural or stain them a dark colour.  Remember to offset the pattern to make them feal original and real.  For a more realistic vintage effect, counter sink the screws and fill them with a coloured woodfill that will match the stain you use so they have the look of old pegged wood boards.

Make sure to have a variety of sumptuous bedding and throws and don’t be afraid of using some raw wood in the room either in an armoire or some great sawn tree stumps as end tables, I love using birch trees for this purpose.

Whatever you decide, just remember to be “fearless” with your design choices. When you’re finished, watch as “sparks fly” when your friends come to check out your new Taylor Swift inspired bedroom designs!