The Sexy, Retro Glamour of the Vintage Toledo Stool by Restoration Hardware



The Sexy Vintage Toledo Stool by RESTORATION HARDWARE

An advertisement by Restoration Hardware recently caught my attention… The slogan on the ad said, “There are pieces that furnish a home and those that define it.”  The image shows a row of “restored”  Toledo chairs positioned along a long table in what looks like a high-fashion, retro inspired doctor’s office slash “cool kids” lounge.  The chair is actually the Vintage Toledo Chair (take a gander at it on the Restoration Hardware website HERE ) and is a beautiful reconstruction of the vintage-inspired draftsman’s chair.  The concept of the company is genius (and I have discussed their lighting and outdoor furniture previously): restoring traditional, much-loved design concepts and making them even better for today’s lifestyles, needs and functionality.

What I like about this chair in particular is that it pairs many hot design elements: the coolness of industrial steel mixed with the warmth of wood seating. You could put these chairs in a business space – like a bar, doctor’s office or restaurant – or you could put them in your kitchen, rec-room or games room for bar seating. It’s masculine enough to be found in a sexy bachelor bad and versatile enough to pair with other more “feminine” design elements in a room.  I always like to make sure you have Ying to your Yang…

The price of the Vintage Toledo Chair is also very reasonable, thereby allowing you to get the numbers you need of them.  (They are currently on special for $345.) They are made of extremely durable and practical materials, so if you purchase one, know that you will have it for a long time.  I would love to see them in a slick loft style space OR as a punchy jolt in a cottage style interior to give it some freshness and edge. The chairs also come in three colours: polished chrome, antiqued green, and distressed black – so you could mix-and-match the colours for a little twist!