An Avril Lavigne inspired Teen Bedroom doesn’t have to be so Complicated…


Chandelier wall Tatoos by BLIK

A lot has happened to Avril Lavigne in the past few years since she first rose to Stardom:  She got married, had a baby, released scores of songs and got divorced. However, all the while, she’s still maintained her punky Princess roots (she’s just transformed into the more adult version of herself).  Avril is proof that a punk infused style bedroom doesn’t have to be a total grunge. This Canadian punk Princess always brings a little attitude, so be sure to use that same flare when creating your unique ‘funky punk Princess’ space.

Creating a Punk look fit for a Princess doesn’t have to be “so complicated”…sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Avril’s personal style is flirty, funky, sexy, edgy and cool. Recently, she rocked the two-tone hair colour by having green and pink streaks in her blonde hair. Now don’t get it twisted, I know that a lot of people wear streaks of colour in their hair, but it was the way Avril had done it – and the particular hue of pink and green that she used – which made her stand out from the crowd. She even has her own clothing line Abbey Dawn so that girls everywhere can rock the same Punk Princess style.

When creating your own Punk Princess look, here are some colours to consider: black (essential! Try using Francesca Black by Martha Stewart, its sexy fresh and very easy to work with), hot pink, royal purple, and silver (for a more “girly” element to contrast the colour blocking). If you want to add a touch of Goth, dress your room up in black, red and silver accents. Here’s a fun tip: dazzle up your plain (and even funky) throw pillows with sparkly rhinestones, jewels, or even large safety pins! It’s an added touch that you won’t find anywhere else, and it definitely adds personality to the space. The safety pin idea is an inspiration from Avril herself who has a safety pin tattooed on her neck!

To promote the launch of her clothing line a few years ago, Avril wore a very simple outfit that translates well for our room inspiration: a white graphic t-shirt with a skull on the front, black skinny jeans, sexy grey heels and tons of punk bracelets with juicy pops of hot pink and black in her blonde hair. Skulls are a popular theme in the punk princess look, and Avril herself is always sporting them – whether in fashion, body-art, or on her sets during music performances. I love the idea of using “girly” skulls – either sparkly, shimmery or in feminine colours like pink or purple – as accessories. You could also use something like this cool Skull Mosaic Tiles Mirror or Pink Skull Decorator Pillow. Both of these items reflect the punk look while still being tasteful. I love how the skull mirror takes the idea of a traditional mosaic mirror and makes it more edgy and young.


Need even more accessories? Try using accents of black leather and even paper lanterns that you can drape around your bed or doorway. The paper lanterns are useful for creating mood and ambience in your space (because having the overhead light turned on in a punk room is a big no-no. It really takes away from the whole feeling, don’t-you-think?)

Let’s talk punk princess bed sheets. Dress up your punk bed with a hot pink comforter and black bed sheets OR you could switch it around and use a black comforter with hot pink bed sheets. Or you could technically do both (How? Use the pink comforter in the summer and black in the winter). It just makes the space more versatile. What’s great about black is that you can pair it up with just about any colour. Don’t like pink? That’s okay! Try using blue, red, purple or green. However, try to stay away from using too much orange with black or else it will look like Hallowe’en just exploded all over your bedroom!   Then go vintage store shopping and buy an armful of crinoline skirts (it will look like your about to re-enact the last scenes from Black Swan) and make them into the skirt for your bed.  As well, when creating your paint plan, colour block the room into zones.  Do the black wall for your headboard wall and then hot pink for a window wall with the other walls being a sharp white.  For a fun alternative to doing painted stripes or blik wall coverings (although I LOVE the repeated use of the chandelier tattoo in the photo shown from BLIK – top photo), lets go OLDSCHOOL.  Find a dozen HUGE potatoes and carve out a skull face stamp on them, then on one of your white walls take the potatoes and dip them into your black, pink and your accent paint (lime green or silver) and create an entire wall mural using your Potato print paint method.  It will look very Artistic, unusual, beautiful and unique…Like Avril and you.

It’s your space – so decorate it to reflect your own personal punk fashion style. Just “lay back”, don’t make things too “complicated” and you’ll be on your way to punk princess heaven.

 Be Daring and Bold when creating your Potato Block print wall mural