Samsung’s NEW 4-Door French Door Refridgerator goes HI-TECH… LOVE it!


SAMSUNG’s New French Door Refridgerator Goes Hi-Tech (And I Love It!)

It’s not surprising that technology has finally gotten to home furnishings.  A perfect example, the fusion of High Design in the ultra luxurious fridge from Samsungthat has built-in apps (a computer that lets you order your groceries, do emails or search for recipes or measurement conversions)  built into the French door refrigerator  as well an app pad for messages, weather and the latest gossip headlines.  I love the ability to connect yourself to a local grocery store and order your own groceries ahead of time – and even have them delivered! This is especially handy for people on the go, or those with families or hectic work schedules (AND on top of that, you get a refreshing beverage to boot!)

The lines and details are very sleek and modern with beatifully proportioned handles and interior layout, all in a stunning brushed stainless finish. Overall, the design is very practical. The way the compartments are positioned means that things are always within easy reach and not forgotten at the back behind other products. The four-door compartments allow for more function and are a unique design element that will satisfy every buyer.

Check out the their website for more detailed specs and information HERE.  The Samsung French Door Refrigerator is also equipped with Samsung’s unique Twin Cooling technology. This makes use of two independent evaporators controlled by a precise system, providing optimal humidity at 43% (compared to only 17% of the average refrigerator).  To make sure that the nutrients of your veggies and meat are preserved, the No Frost feature makes sure that there will be no ice build-up or frosty layer. The Twin Cooling technology also eliminates cross-contamination of food odors, as cooled air is not shared between compartments. Optimal temperature is quickly restored once the door has been opened.

So in other words…. I LOVE IT a lot.  Go check out this revolutionary new refrigerator at the Samsung dealer nearest you.