The De’Longhi KMIX collection of small Appliances – the BRIGHTEST idea yet for your Kitchen

Sh DeLonghi KMix Kettle SJM041 Pink


Recently the kitchen and home appliance company De’Longhi launched the STUNNING ( I CAN NOT stress how beautiful they are in person…honestly go and see them for yourself)  new kMix breakfast collection.  A gorgeous blending of retro, nostaligic lines with a brilliant 21st Century colour palette and a strong sense of whimsy.  To say they have personality is an understatement.  The collection is a foursome—which includes a two-slice toaster, coffee maker, pump espresso maker, and kettle, all in the signature KMIX eye popping, mouth watering, sour candy colours which you can either mix and match (which I would do) OR go in one colour for them all.  De’Longhi has dubbed the kMIX collection their “brightest idea yet” and I would have to agree… by giving them the perfect blending of Retro Chic and BOLD colour & whimsy, they have created the perfect Kitchen accessory for someone who wants a bold and fresh Kitchen Design…something more playful that makes a statement.  Each product is available in Hot Pink, sky blue, pure yellow, green, orange, white, black, retro red, and stainless steel.  The die-cast aluminum Two-Slice Toaster features the standard crumb tray but also boasts a trademarked Peek & View function that lets the user lift the bread to check its “doneness” without canceling the toasting procedure.

For me the nostalgic lines, combined with the bold hues make them a visual must…but their quality of construction and their wonderful ability to control the end product while also being easy to operate them, make them a must for any kitchen.

The juicy, mouth watering colours aside, the kMIX series are the perfect size for today’s kitchens and have a wonderfully edited almost “minimalist”  control panel for each appliance, making them easy to operate… you don’t need to read a 300 page thesis to make your coffee (Sorry Wolfgang Puck and your bean grinding coffee maker from H, E, double L).  Their wonderful compact silhouette and single button design make them almost unobtrusive so that the colour and form can truly be the star of the kMIX Design.

The double wall metal two-slice toaster is both basic and super functional… I LOVE the “peek and view” function (to prevent scorching) that lifts the toast to check without canceling the timer and the variable browning control to ensure a consistent toast each time.  I also think the bun warmer and toast rack is a truly genius addition (it sits atop the toaster and does just what its name implies).  Go see the entire collection in person and fall in love…much like I have.

  1. Jessica C.Jessica C.10-28-2012

    haha so cool! Are they available in Canada?