Incredibly Affordable and ULTRA Stylish… the MARIMEKKO line of Bedding and Wallpapers

Marimekko LOGO

MARIMEKKO Retro Designed BEDDING Fit for Any Age!

Let’s talk bedding for a moment… sexy, affordable, vivid, colourful, beautifully Designed and wonderfully crafted bedding (and wallpapers, fabrics, totes and SO much more).

Marimekko (originally established in 1951 by Armi Ratia and her husband Viljo), is a Finnish textile and clothing Design company renowned for its BOLD, colourful, and totally original prints.  They are masters of stunning colour combinations that are literally a feast for the eyes.  Marimekko first became famous in the United States thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy who bought eight Marimekko dresses which she wore throughout the 1960 US Presidential campaign and they became an international sensation.  With shops at Crate & Barrel  (a partnership that has been ongoing for over 50 years) and a passionate revival of their signature poppy motif, there is literally no escaping Marimekko’s designs (NOT that anyone would want to!).  On top of their brilliant designs, simplistic beauty and bold colours, Marimekko (like other Finnish Design shops) only make a limited amount of their product and sell it for a limited time so it retains a bit more of its unique character.  They even have Design concept stores inVancouver and throughout the United States to best showcase their products and sensibility.

UNIKKO Wallpaper

I especially love Marimekko’s Kaivo bedding  – featuring a retro 1964 pattern – that has gotten an update in black and white.  This cotton, twin-sized duvet cover is well priced at $85 and the pillow sham is priced at $40.  So it’s affordable, conceptual and fun!


A few other pieces from the Marimekko line that I ADORE include the following (Bedding, Fabrics and Wallpapers).

The UNIKKO Duvet…fresh, bold and flirty

Pleni Melooni Wallpaper… Primitive AND ultra modern, not to mention sexy and bold.

I love the tension between the black and white print juxtaposed against the vivid pink.