The Brilliant & Beautiful Collection from MITCHELL GOLD + BOB WILLIAMS … MGBW

Mitchell Gold Spring 2011


American Modernism through the eyes of designers Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams  is an elegant, clean-lined and BEAUTIFUL thingWhat I love about their Designs is that they use iconic American furniture designed from the mid-to-late 20th century as the muse for each piece in their ever evolving collection.  When I say “collection” I truly mean it in the Fashion sense… they are forever updating, changing, Designing and refining their wonderfully edited collection seasonally.  Their website is essentially a one-stop-shop for all your furnishing needs, and all of their items can be paired up together quite easily.  Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have been encouraging us to invest in our  “nest for less” since the early 90’s.  Their mission for either large spaces or small, is family, style, quality and comfort (they have offerings for largest to the smallest of homes so there is no limitation).  Their collection is about creating a rich environment to come home to everyday that will bolster your soul and act like the proper stage for our lives (something that is simpatico with my vision).

Just to highlight a few of my obsessions from this outstanding duo; envision your family room with this inviting Reese Sofa.  A classic 50’s inspired square armed Design that offers extra comfort with additional arm padding and rich, down wrapped, deep seating.  Its classic lines would be a beautiful background for a series of BOLD and colourful cushions and a sumptuous, over the top cashmere throw.

Once you have sat down and snuggled up on this little classic, rest your tired feet up on the modern, elegant and simplistic Hines Cube.  A futuristic addition to any traditional family room, marrying past and present with its deeply tufted top over clean and modern brushed-metal base.

Coupled with the nearly identical twin Elimio Side table, available in round as well. This simple functional twist on a side table can be mixed with a few of your antique family pieces, allowing them to take the spot light in the your room, while the modern pieces remain demur and refined.

While their impeccable site offers a plethora of information… once you’re in the area that you are looking for, each piece has extensive details including dimensions, colour options, features, fabrics, timing as well as an item number you can take to your local shop, or vendor.  I am fortunate enough to have an actual Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams shop near me, but regardless of where you live there are many retailers who carry their lines across the country.  Using the store locator on the site you can call your local retailer with your item style # before you head out.  While we wish we could purchase directly from their site, I suppose drooling over a requested catalogue jam packed with inspiration, or emailing
items to friends will do for now.

Most of their pieces are eco-friendly and they are striving to make all items in their collection completely green.  On a monetary note…. ALL of their items are very well priced allowing you to do an all over makeover on a budget BUT look like you broke the bank … and in STYLE.

Some various pieces from Mitchell Gold I LOVE….the bar I’ve spoken of BEFORE .

I love the “country house” chic of this piece and would love it in a pewter velvet or mohair.

The bold, graphic Design of these etageres would be a STUNNING addition to any room.