Birds of a Feather…actually make that Feather exquisite Chandeliers

Red Feather Chandelier

Quirky, Bold and so very, very French.   These hand crafted, exceptionally made Feather Chandeliers are all the rage at the moment…in the right space they will add a sense of glamour, grandeur and humour.  These stunning creations are available at Trianon in Toronto BUT the great and wonderful thing about Trianon…apart from their exceptional taste, quality and rare selection of exquisite things is that you can purchase everything online and they will ship to your door (literally anywhere in the World).

  The chandeliers are made from either goose feathers for the more even soft visual look or in Rooster feathers for a more Haute Couture look and feeling and can come in an array of colours including HOT pink, soft pink, white, beige and black (to name but a few options).  They can as well come in a variety of pure sphere sizes or come in various size drum shapes as well or the double armed post that is a stunning marriage of tradtional with quirky modern.  They give a strong sense of personality, flair and humour to a room, I especiall love the hot pink drum Rooster chandelier as it would add a sensual sense to any room…Great for a big personality that likes to punctuate with an exclamation point.  For more options visit their beatiful website HERE.