The LATEST & GREATEST in French Door Refrigerators

Subzero PRO 48 In Kitchen Design

Ultra Functional, Ultra Chic & Ultra Sexy… FRENCH-DOOR REFRIGERATORS

A must-have staple in any kitchen is a well manufactured refrigerator that gives you complete control over the varying zones and helps keep you organized.  This is especially true if you like to entertain or have a busy family, then a hard-working refrigerator is a necessity (by this I mean a brilliantly designed & built model NOT just an ice box).  I am currently COMPLETELY in love with the Samsung French Door model (as shown above)…but all the various French Door refrigerators are sleek, modern, elegant and FUNCTIONAL and thus the perfect companions to any household. What’s great about the latest French-door fridges is that they offer a great range of choices to suit all types of kitchens.

Here are some of my favourite models:

  • If there is one thing you can learn from the Samsung SRF801GDLS French Door fridge, it’s that size matters!   With its 801-litre capacity, this fridge wins the prize for being the largest French-door fridge on the market today!  Not only does it have four doors for easy access, it also boasts a water and ice dispenser. Samsung’s user-friendly handles provide quick and easy access to the pull out drawers while the counter height and adjustable settings of the middle drawer make it the perfect place for storing your favourite snacks.  I love the modern and elegant design of the face and its brushed stainless finish is truly superb.  It is the PERFECT addition to your home.


  • The PRO 48 by SUB ZERO… DELICIOUS… almost sculptural in its Design, this model allows for the maximum control (albeit at the maximum price)… But it truly is a wonder to behold.   The PRO 48 is 100% steel and is a  masterpiece of preservation.  Its sculpted metal, dual refrigeration and advanced controls marry performance and design in a bold new way for home refrigeration. Other features of this spectacular appliance include that it can be built-in or freestanding, has Dual refrigeration – two compressors and three evaporators keeping  foods fresher longer and preventing odor transfer, an exterior temperature display with easy-to-read digital readouts, a microprocessor and interior control panel with up-front touch controls, a crisper drawer that is a touch-and-glide crisper with a tight-seal glass lid, drawers with adjustable and removable dividers, a cantilevered and spill-proof glass shelves with stainless steel trim, an auto-close system with an advanced hinge design, an easy-access grille pops up with a simple pull AND FINALLY Slide-out stainless steel bins…this is a case of you truly getting what you pay for.

  • The Electrolux EQE6007SB can hold up to 600-litres. This four-door fridge also features temperature control and a frost-free system to keep your food tasting and smelling fresh.  What`s also great about this model is that the temperature control is visible on the front panel, making adjustments both smooth and manageable.

  • Samsung’s SRF752DSS Stainless Steel French-Door Refrigerator boasts a huge 752-litre storage capacity. It even has silver Nano particles that help limit the number of bacteria living inside the fridge, helping to keep your food fresher. Plus, the multi-flow cooling system ensures that you food is cooled evenly and the fridge temperature remains stable.

  • The LG GRL219STSL Stainless Steel French-Door Refrigerator includes an in-door ice maker and tall water and ice dispenser, so it can easily accommodate large or small glasses or bottles.  Love a big freezer space? No problem!  This fridge has two freezer doors for added storage. With a 10 year warranty, buying this fridge will give you peace of mind – at least knowing that you’ve got your fridge needs covered for the next 10 years!


  • The Sharp SJF653SPSL French-door Refrigerator is a premium, four-door fridge with child-friendly handles, adjustable tempered glass shelves, and a hybrid cooling system. Other cool features include a LCD electronic display, child lock and a “holiday-mode” setting.


  • The King of the frost-free and humidity control system is the Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUX French-Door fridge which boasts an in-door water dispenser and an internal ice maker that produces clean and crisp ice. If you like wide shelves and spacious interiors then this is the fridge for you.

  • Electrolux EHE5107SA French-door fridge is a bit smaller than some of the big-guns, holding 510-litres with a stainless steel finish. This sleek and slim-fit fridge is 80cm wide, which is the same diameter of the standard bottom-mount fridges. So if you are looking for a more compact option for a smaller space, this fridge is definitely worth looking into.

3 things to think of when purchasing the right fridge for your lifestyle:

  1. Size. First, decide where in the kitchen you’re going to place the fridge. Then measure the allocated space and choose a fridge accordingly. Chances are some fridges will be either too big or too small for your area, thus narrowing down your choices.

  2. Design. Large capacity and adequate shelf space make French-door fridges the ideal choice. Also, keep in mind that many new fridges will have sleek features that may (or may not) integrate with your kitchen.

  3. Features. Your fridge should suit your lifestyle. I cannot stress that enough as that is the most important thing. If you like to store large platters and dishes, make sure you choose a fridge with a good amount of storage space. If you enjoy food that requires storage at different temperatures, adjustable fridge control options are necessary for you.

Other things to consider when looking at the feature of a fridge:

Extra drawers. Many French-door fridges have an extra (or middle) drawer built in, which is conveniently at counter height to make for easier access.

Four doors. If you’re very mobile while cooking, like to move around a lot, or have a small space, easily accessible four-door French-door fridges are the answer for you.

Ice and water. It’s as simple as it sounds. If you like chilled water and ice at your quick disposal, a fridge with a built-in ice maker and water dispenser is ideal.

Bottom-mount freezer. A fridge with a bottom-mount freezer is perfect if you like to keep refrigerated items, which you use more often, at eye level. Frozen foods are kept in an easy-access pull out drawer.

So keep these tips and suggestions in mind when choosing your new refrigerator. With generous amounts of storage and innovative technology, these French-door fridges are the perfect complement to any kitchen space.


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