The Alfred Sung Outdoor Furniture Collection for 2012…in a word EXQUISITE



(The EXQUISITE St. Tropez collection from Alfred Sung Outdoor is shown above…look at the open cane weaving, STUNNING)

Continuing his passion for ALL things to be exquisitely Designed, Canadian Icon and World renowned Designer Alfred Sung has been feverishly working away on his new “Alfred Sung Outdoors” 2012 collection.  As I’ve previously featured (see the full collection and review here), Alfred has a unique ability to take outdoor furniture and give it a sexy, fresh and VERY functional twist… All of this and believe it or not, the pieces are incredibly well priced and beautifully constructed.  The Alfred Sung Outdoor collection is perfect for ANY and EVERY garden style from ultra modern (think of the Capri line) to glamorous and LUX.

The new offerings in the line include the brilliant Barcelona Modular Collection which is the perfect solution for smaller terraces or problem/irregular gardens….you can configure the grouping to your own needs AND all the while do it in effortless style.  I love the woven, rich soft grey resin (which is also fade and crack proof) and envision it on a patio with a combinatioin of hot pink and orange oversized outdoor cushions.  The Barcelona series will truly give your outdoor area an “indoor” feeling, creating the perfect room setting and feeling in your garden.   Then there is my personal favourite in the new collection, the St. Tropez Lounge series which takes its inspiration from the elegant outdoor entertaining style of St. Tropez (Sung uses various gorgeous locations around the World as the inspiration for each outdoor collection).  The St. Tropez Lounge line is gracious, sexy, fresh, comfortable and versatile…but what I love BEST about it is the bold open cane weaving of the pieces.  They feel very modern, very tactile and very sensual (and who doesn’t want that for the garden?).  I would love to see bold oversized cushions in extravagant colourful prints used for these pieces.  Finally there is the new Deauville collection which is based off the French Riviera and has an elegant and more classical feeling.  The pieces are in a rich chocolate resin in a tight weave and the cushions are a sumptious latte colour… the perfect setting for a series of Tiffany blue silk oversized cushions or perhaps a series of Hermes orange cushions…

Also new for 2012 are the gorgeous and multi-functional woven cubes … they can be extra seating, a side table, clustered together in a grouping or used individually…they are INCREDIBLY versatile and not to mention the perfect size for any space.  I can see 2 of them across from one of the collection coffee tables or a row of them beneath a console to be used as extra seating for parties AND giving off a wonderful sculptural feeling.

The new collection will make its debut at the I.D.S. Show 2012  (The Interior Design Show) and is available exclusively at The Bay.  RUN don not walk to get these pieces as they will sell out quickly once in stores.







(look at the elegant and beautifully woven pale grey resin rattan… soft modern and sexy)








(the Deauville collection is beautifully finished and perfect for either large/medium terraces or gardens)


(the luscious woven cubes…try them in a variety of colours and patterns..don’t get matchy, matchy)

  1. Tony SalleTony Salle01-18-2012

    THANKS for the info! i agree, i love the st tropez stuff. looks amazing and not being in a city there is actually a bay near me. score 🙂

  2. OUTDOORdesignTOOUTDOORdesignTO01-29-2012

    I love this line and everything about it! The style, the craftsmanship and the price. For the price of a chair from someone else you can do an entire garden with the Sung line and it looks amazing and it will last forever. REALLY amazing stuff. I use it in every darn garden I do.

  3. Sharon McNicholSharon McNichol08-15-2012

    Recently got the st tropes lounges and chairs would love to get a couple of end tables and cubes can you tell me where I could find these as the bay tells me they cannot supply are there any available in canada

  1. Alfred Sung Alfred Sung Piece01-29-12