Life in Plastic…its Fantastic. Outdoor Garden Furniture of a different Breed.

Plastic Fantastic Chairs In Garden Robin De Groot1


Designer Jasper van Grootel (founder of JSPR, a Dutch high concept Furniture Manufacturer)  has created a literally jaw dropping line of soft “skin like rubber” furniture that has the lines of historic period furniture but produced in the highest technological fashion out of recycled plastics.  The collection of furniture is simply AMAZING when grouped together in a garden…One part Alice in Wonderland and another part Barbarella.  This collection of outdoor furniture adds a sense of humour, whimsy and Red Queen Glamour to any garden (they could also be used indoors to great effect in a soft black).  The magical quality of this line is its juxtaposition of the substance from which it is made (both to the touch and its visual texture) and the style that defines Plastic Fantastic (especially the Voltaire II line as shown below).  The mixture of their lavish ornamentation, tufted fabrics and historical references become an ironic  & bold conceptual statement because of what it is produced in…plastic.  The eye popping candy color transforms their silhouettes into stunning visual punctuation marks in your Garden.  Imagine them in hot scarlet pink on a wide grassy stretch or in a bold chartreuse in a secluded all green and white enclosed garden.  They are available in any colour and richness of hue from camel, sand, chocolate, sky blue, lime, black, white, hot pink, magenta, and orange…you get the idea.   They have a full line of period styles and more modern clean line options as well…but I would opt for the traditional lines that accentuate their modern juxtapostion.  Truly a stunning Design element for a bold and brave garden design statement.