Quick ways to ADD Colour POW & WOW to your Home

Colour POP With Modern Art And Lampshades

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, than colour should be everyone’s best friend.  Break out of  your beige routine and add some subtle (or in some examples NOT so subtle) juicy pops of colour.  Here are 10 places to add Designer wow to any space by adding in a dash of unexpected colour, personality, freshness and excitement:

1.  Backsplashes:   Mosaic tile in a bold, bright colour behind a kitchen counter, a feature wall in an office, sink, toilet or tub adds a splash of waterproof colour. This works especially well when mixed in with white kitchens, offices or bathrooms that need a pop of colour (and any colour goes well with white!).  Remember to take the tile ALL the way to the ceiling to give a dramatic verticality and a sense of drama.  Don’t forget in smaller spaces you can splurge on something a bit more expensive as you only need a smaller amount of it.  When searching for a colour look at your wardrobe and the colours you naturally gravitate towards and narrow in on selections that fall in that spectrum.

A stunning Sky Blue glass tile pops elegantly and effortlessly in this white and stainless setting, making the room fresh and modern.

Decide on your feature wall in a bathroom and use the “good stuff” on the entire wall…then find a simpler but elegant tile for the other areas.

A more BOLD pop of colour with a dramatic oversized pattern glass tile…sexy, unexpected and conceptual.

2.  The BACK walls of SHELVES & CABINETS:   Adding colour doesn’t have to be a hugely epic battle of painting walls, struggling with ladders and painstakingly cutting along the ceiling… Why not paint the back of your shelving units or kitchen cabinets a JUICY, sexy burst of exciting colour.  Feel free to go bold and brazen here…it is a very small and controlled area you are painting so the colour will need to be more dramatic and strong for it to read in your space.  Think hot pink, Tiffany blue, Apple Green, Hollyhock pink…the options are endless.   By painting just the backs of the shelves the objects in front become more “important”, as if you were showcasing a special collection and the colour adds a conceptual depth and interest to your space.  Think outside the box … and go bold… perhaps even multiple colours in a very modern open space room.  This works especially well in kitchen cabinets with glass front doors as well.

A juicy pop of Granny Smith Apple Green at the back of this modern country style Kitchen.

An elegant blue accents the glassware and dishware giving the kitchen a fresh, subtle pop.

A FRESH, SEXY & BOLD apple green beautifully pops the books and collections of edited white objects…  VERY modern.

A succulent pop of mouthwatering PINK at the back of this bookshelf gives a sense of elegant drama and glamour.

Try HOLLYHOCK PINK by Martha Stewart Paint

3.  Window Trim,  baseboards and Doors :  White walls can be elegant, modern and uplifting in the right space when the rest of the Design is built around this concept… but a great way to add a wow-factor into a space with all white walls is to paint the windowsills a rich, bold colour (or a smoky rich shade).  This is an easy DIY project that you can tackle yourself and when you need a change,  No problem as it can be painted out in a day!  Painting a door out in a bold colour is a great way to make the door conceptually “feel” like a piece of Art in your space as well as adding a wonderfully controlled burst of colour (see the sliding barn door below).

A burst of joyful yellow in a white room gives it a fresh and airy pop of controlled colour.

Continuing or spirit lifting yellow trim theme…this time with a ceiling painted to match.

4. Ceilings:    You know that fifth wall … the one that’s over top of you as you read this.   Everyone seems to forget about their ceilings… NO THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE WHITE (especially that horrific goes on pink and drys builder blue white ceiling paint…WORST invention ever).   Our ceilings are the perfect spot to add a sense of glamour, drama and richness to a space…especially in a modern setting or a space without Architectural detailing.  Think of it…it’s an entire wall just begging for some wow-factor.  If you have low ceilings, opt for a hue that is at least two shades lighter than your wall colour. For really high, lofty ceilings, opt for a darker shade in a fun accent colour.  Try a rich pink like Hollyhock by Martha Stewart Paint (it will reflect the light and give everyone a gorgeous healthy glow and make EVERYONE look beautiful) or a soft blue like LAGOON by Martha Stewart Paint as well (clean, sexy, fresh and CRISP).  It may seem a bit bold at first but give it a try… trust me on this one.

A rich yet muted purple gives this modern space a feeling of quiet glamour and modern sophistication.

My custom pink (I call Newport Pink) in an office setting.

A softer more traditional look using Martha Stewart’s Sunken Pool by MSL Paints.

6. Add colour with PAINT CHIPS:  Whilst standing pondering the colours of the Martha Stewart Paint line I realized the gorgeous lift the entire palette had when placed together and I came up with the idea of creating an “installation” of paint chips covering the entire wall.  Cover an ENTIRE wall with the paint chips…evenly spaced with a 1/2 inch seperation held in place with 2 clear push pins (one on the top and one on the bottom of each chip).  The trick being is to keep your lines straight both “Up – Down” and “Side to Side”.  This wall took 300 paint chips (gathered over several visits to The Home Depot).  I love the graphic nature it gives a space, the play of the shadow of the push pin and how it so easily transforms a space into something signature and whimsical.  If you do try it make sure to send me photos of your handiwork.  I call this “Designer Chip Wall by Robin De Groot”…what else of course.

 Martha Stewart Paint chips used to create an Art Installation by B.Adelman

A different take on the Paint chip colour blocking process… By framing the chips in a massively oversized frame it takes on the impact and sensibility of a large installation Art work.  The great thing with doing it this way is that it is movable and multi directional.  Bold, colourful, sexy and fresh… LOVE this idea.

Some other ways to add some quick and JUICY colour include:

If you have a clawfoot bathtub try painting it out a rich colour that accents your bathroom.

Painted Wood Stairs? … why not paint a faux carpet runner down them to add a bright lift to your space.

A richly coloured and dramatic chandelier is a gorgeous way to add both colour and glamour…like this STUNNER by Marjorie Skouras

AND OF COURSE… my age old favourite of adding a gorgeous pop of colour in a strategically placed feature wall… in this case in Tiffany Blue

  1. Chef AlexisChef Alexis02-08-2012

    Thanks for the great ideas! Just bought a new place and redoing the kitchen is on the list. It won’t be started till next year. Thank you!