Add IMPACT to your Interior Design by using Robin’s favourite MARTHA STEWART Paint Colours

Bold And Smart Usage Of Colour

A Colour blocked wall with SEAL MSL268 by Martha Stewart Paint…modern, fresh and subtly sexy.

As Featured in Architectural Digest

I have sung praise (that was VERY well deserved) for the stunning Martha Stewart Paint Collection available only at The Home Depot multiple times in my Magazine, Blog and What’s Hot… So I thought I would share some of my favourite colours from the MSL paint collection, as well as where and HOW to use them to their best Designer effect.   Martha’s stunning collection of gorgeous colours (both deep saturated and crystal fresh) are beautifully edited.  This is NOT an all encompassing, shot-gun palette like so many paint companies produce…it is a brilliantly edited palette that Martha has been editing down over the course of a lifetime of work (colours used throughout all her own renovations, homes, magazine features, Design work, offices, events, show sets, books, etc. etc.).   Martha’s palette of colours are perfect for any style interior whether it be Modern, Traditional, Eclectic or Contemporary ( I especially ADORE her delicious selection of VERY useable Pinks).   The massive success of the MSL paint line lays equally in the stunning array of colours available AS WELL as the superior quality of the paint itself.  The paint has a beautiful visual depth when applied to your wall that allows you to do the deepest of colours in only 2 coats.  It is also because of this stunning visual depth that the walls develop such a rich and lustrous patina that very few paint lines have, other than Farrow & Ball and Stark Paint.

 My “Top 10” Martha Stewart Paint colours are BEET MSL011, Terra Rosa MSL018, Hollyhock Pink MSL007, Francesca MSL279, Seal MSL268, Pencil Crayon MSL082, Sultana MSL101, Araucana Teal MSL136, Lagoon MSL125 and Sunken Pool MSL126.

A Bedroom wall in Francesca black by Martha Stewart Paint…totally  modern, sexy AND glamourous

The easy spread and overall consistency of the paint makes it very easy to work with and has a great dry time allowing you to touch up or correct any “oops” along the way.  Another great aspect of the paint is that it is VERY low odour and great for the environment as well.  So now lets talk my “Top 10” colours:


 I ADORE this rich, sexy, fresh and luxurious colour.  BEET MSL011 is the PERFECT accent wall colour to add drama, glamour and SIZZLE both for traditional or modern interiors (as you can see from the photos I’ve used it in a crisp modern Dining room as well as a gloriously detailed historic office).  I love using this colour… the visual depth is stunning and the paint gives a gorgeous off-glow from your incandescent lighting.  Again, I would use it as an accent wall with crisp white trimwork (Oxford White by Benjamin Moore is a perfect compliment to this colour).  For a modern space go with a soft off-white for the surrounding walls and for a more traditional decor go for a more muted raffia tone.


Terra Rosa MSL018 is a glorious colour that is the PERFECT visual “pop” in a small vestibule or as a feature wall in an Entrance hall with a dramatic grouping of Art or photographs arranged upon it, or (like in the photo above) used on the interior of bookcases, cabinets or shelving units (for more colour POP ideas click HERE).  TRULY stunning… What I love about this Martha Stewart Paint colour (Terra Rosa MSL018) is the combination of vintage nostalgia and salivatory modernism (the very current Retro-modernist feeling you see in so many magazines and in the new collections by Restoration Hardware).  This is the perfect colour to use for a feature wall because its bold and vibrant nature will temper beautifully with a palette of creams, tans and whites.

Hollyhock Pink MSL007

Feminine, glamourous, elegant, fresh, uplifting, conceptual, witty and refreshing best describe Hollyhock Pink MSL007 by Martha Stewart Paints.  It is a STUNNING colour to use as a feature wall in a bedroom, walk-in closet (with a chandelier of course), study OR of course to use it on the “5 th” wall and paint your ceiling with it.  If you paint your ceiling with this colour then use a modern, fresh white for your walls and a crisp white for your trim, the end result will be sharp, modern, sexy and unexpected.  The advantage of painting your ceiling pink is that the light bounces off the ceiling in a soft and warm tone that makes EVERYONE in the room gorgeous and look like they have flawless skin (trust me on this…why do you think my office ceilings are Pink).  For a more sharp or modern effect, layer your Hollyhock pink wall with a pure white wall tatoo by BLIK (like in the top photo).

 Francesca MSL279

Ultra chic, modern and elegant, Francesca (black) MSL279 by Martha Stewart Paint is a STUNNING choice to try colour blocking in your home.  Pick a large feature wall and paint it out in 2 to 3 coats of Francesca and then layer the wall with a grouping of white mat framed photographs or an arrangement of gilt frame mirrors and paintings.  You can make the overall effect work beautifully for Modern, Tradtitional or Eclectic interiors.  Francesca also works beautifully as a headboard wall in your bedroom (especially when using a selection of pale bedding tones), in a study as a feature wall with floating shelving and books or if you want to create a breathtaking gallery wall in your home, arrange a series of photographs 3 inches apart from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.  This is a BOLD colour that can actually be made to feel like a neutral colour OR keep it unfettered and sexy….incredibly versatile and always guaranteed to create a stunning ambiance.  Do NOT believe the old maxim that dark colours make a room smaller… when used as a feature wall they actually make the wall recede and create a greater visual and conceptual space.  Try it and see for yourself.

Seal MSL268

 I adore the versatility of Seal MSL268… I have used it for everything from a feature wall in an oversized entry (with an over-sized floor mirror hung dramatically upon it), as the Headboard wall in a sumptious yet fresh guest room to an impromptu “Art Gallery” where platinum framed Art covered the walls.  This is honestly a colour that is a Designer “go to”… it always works, regardless of style, size or function of the room.  However, remember to temper it with fresh white surrounding walls, crisp white trim and an edited colour palette for your accessories (Tiffany Blue, Acid Green and Hermes Orange work beautifully with it).

Pencil Crayon MSL082

Sharp, vibrant, edgy and yet still classic, Pencil Crayon MSL082 by Martha Stewart Paint is a bold and vivacious colour.  Pencil Crayon works beautifully in an all white and black interior where its bold nature can focus your physical and mental eye upon the clarity of your Design, as well as acting as the perfect colour for a vibrant feature wall in a smaller space giving it a crisp and urban feeling.  A hint… if you decide to use this colour for a small powder room use it for a feature wall AND for your ceiling … it will give it a sexy cheekiness, just remember to paint the other walls a crisp white and keep your accessory palette VERY limited.

Sultana MSL101

A sumptuous yet mentally calming colour… Sultana MSL101 is the perfect colour to add personality YET still maintain a calm, neutral palette and create a serene environment.  This colour works beautifully with silk curtains and rich fabrics.  Don’t be afraid to go bold with your accessories with this as your background colour.

Araucana Teal MSL136

Perhaps one of my all-time favourites!!! Araucana Teal MSL136 is a rich, mouth-watering colour that takes the viewer on a mental journey.  It works beautifully with both modern rooms, creating a STUNNING pop against surrounding white walls and an edited palette as well as traditional rooms used sparingly on the inside of cabinets or built-ins.  Black and white framed photos take on a life of their own when placed against this rich, salivary colour.

Lagoon MSL125

A Designer MUST have colour, Lagoon MSL125 is perfect in any room, setting, style or decor.  It is a gorgeous background colour in a study or guest bedroom… the perfect colour in a sun room … OR use it as the perfect colour featured wall in your living room, family room or kitchen.  I ADORE this colour… trust me on this one.  Go get a can and try it out… you will thank me.

Sunken Pool MSL126

The perfect colour for a bathroom or a study/library with lots of painted white woodwork.  This elegant, rich yet calming colour also works beautifully when used over painted white wainscotting.

 Now, after all that… critically look at your home and decide where you need to add some IMPACT in your home.  Spring is coming, its time to freshen up with my favourite Martha Stewart Paint colours.

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