Sexy, Bold & Sculptural Lighting…Robin’s FAVE table lamps!

Pair Of Antique Alabaster Lamps With Modern Oversized Linen Shades With Black Silk Trim1

A pair of vintage Alabaster Lamps (one of my ultimate LOVES) with large linen & black silk ribbon trim shades.  Fusing Antique & Modern

ALL Interior Designers love lighting because it is an easy and powerful way to change the look of any space.  Lamps are essential to create a well balanced Design for your home; not only do they illuminate your space (both for task and ambiance) but they also make a big impact on a home’s overall look and feeling.  A beautiful lamp is truly a work of sculpture in a space that also just happens to provide illumination… they are also a stunning way to add a zesty pop of colour (or the ABSENCE of colour) OR to add a modern element to a space that has both modern and traditional furnishings.  

Proper (by this I mean well thought out and planned) lighting is what transforms a nice space into a stunning space.  Every room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to set a mood and provide sufficient illumination.  Table and floor lamps (which typically fall under the task lighting category) are especially important because they play both a functional and decorative role in your home.   You need to consider the size, shape and style when selecting your lamps, BUT you also need to make sure that they amplify your style and the message you are trying to convey with your home.  Lamps are also a great way to keep our homes feeling Fresh… tired of a lamp in one room? EASY, simply swap it out to another space! You can even keep the look of the same lamp base just with different types of shades (I always recommend over-sized shades and I particularly LOVE square black shades with platinum leaf lining for mood lighting and over-sized oval linen shades with black silk ribbon edging for task lighting). There are many options to choose from, so get creative and take a look at some of MY current favourites:

One of my favourite pieces is this large ring table lamp in alabaster by CIRCA Lighting.  Its sleek circular shape and creamy colour is the perfect winter design complement.  I love the idea of using a pair of these lamps and flanking a bed… or placing a lamp on top of a rough wooden bureau on a pile of books.  The soft, creamy alabaster colour is the perfect complement to a neutral interior, an ultra modern space that needs a bit of visual softening or in an interior looking for a rich conceptual layering of materials.

I adore the nature meets modern Art sensibility of the Isla Driftwood lamp by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams  I would love to see this in both a traditional space to add a bit of whimsy and in a modern space to soften the hard lines.  The little detail of the Lucite base is beautiful (you KNOW how I feel about Lucite).

Another STUNNER from Circa Lighting (ALSO Designed by the brilliant Sandy Chapman) is the Metal-banded lamp.  I love the mixing of traditional and modern in the lamp and the delicate but sexy shadow the base throws in a room.  This would make a stunning bedside lamp, library lamps or again stacked on a pile of books on an oversized sideboard.

The vintage find meets modern detailing look of the Pagoda mercury-glass lamp by Mr. Brown is elegant, sensual and fresh.  The soft reflection of light from the base is romantic (just picture it in a black silk shade and NOT in the one shown).


 A bold, sexy and DESIGNER “pop” of a lamp… the Ensnared Base glass lamp is Modern yet with a highly Artistic flair.  Available at

I ADORE the bold presence and visual strength of this piece …  The Brigitte bronze lamp by Plantation is the perfect accessory to pop in a pale living room or add a sense of mystery and history to a library or study.

Don’t forget to think outside the box… NOTHING is preventing you from going hunting for stunning bases and making your own lamps (they sell the wiring kits at Home Depot, LOWES and Rona… Why not find a pair of stunning alabaster lamp bases and rewire them and have some over-sized and stunning shades made up for them…OR find some gorgeous huge carved wooden balustrades and get your cordless drill and get DIY’ing.

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