Design Essential… the Classic, Modern and Sculptural Saarinen table


Eero Saarinen, the Finnish-born Designer, is perhaps MOST famous for his brilliant Saarinen table… a result of his training in sculpture and architecture, which produced a piece that is both beautiful and practical, sculptural and utilitarian, sensuous and stoic… the list goes on, and on, and on.  As Eero famously said (and it is now a part of the lore of the table), the Saarinen table’s design grew out of his dissatisfaction with “the ugly, confusing, unrestful world resulting from the slum of legs underneath typical chairs and tables.”  (you will never look beneath your table and chairs again without remembering that now.. you’re Welcome)  Furthermore, the curving organic design of the base was inspired by a drop of “high viscosity liquid”.  For myself, I love the chameleon-like powers of the Saarinen table (Designed for KNOLL and released in 1956).  I have used this beauty as a center hall table with a massive mouth blown vase upon it, as a center table in an intimate but stunning historically detailed library/office, as a kitchen table with a banquette and Ghost chairs, as a Dining room table with gilt ballroom chairs and as a pair of bedside tables with massive ballustrade lamps and books piled upon them.  What I’m trying to say is that this gorgeous, simple and stunning piece is only limited by how you decide to use it.  Whether your style is modern, traditional, eclectic or urban chic… you can make this stunner work.  The Saarinen comes in a multitude of sizes, shapes and finishes (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the oval in white marble)… check out Design Within Reach to purchase yours online and have it shipped today OR go hunting in your “hood” and find either a vintage one or newly made.  Don’t worry about mixing and matching chairs with it…remember to keep it light, sexy, fresh and inviting.

I ADORE this stunning interior that was featured in Style at Home.  I love the pairing of the Saarinen table with the ballroom chairs from Grange giving the space a modern yet elegant energy, especially with the hint of Alice in Wonderland with the glossy white floor mirror.  The white cushion on each chair gives a subconscious link to the table base… A great, simple and balanced Design.

By mixing the candy coloured leather chairs in this space, the table’s innate sense of playfulness is brought strongly to the forefront.

To see the tables on DWR visit HERE…