Design Obsession: Sexy, CHIC, Useable & BOLD Bedside tables


The elegant bureau with the black & white theme is instantly made modern with the POP of deep yellow and the graphic patterns

I have ALWAYS been completely enthralled with glamourous, oversized and layered bedside table groupings and Designs.  I remember growing up and going into my Grandmother’s room to get the latest Decor magazines (which she always had piled on her bedside tables) and just LOVING the way she used unexpected, beautiful AND functional items to create a true personal Design statement in her private oasis.   I loved how she used a small round Empire pedestal dining table she had cut down to the proper height on one side and a MASSIVE oak chest we white-washed together on the other side with a multitude of found objects, glass jars, huge alabaster lamps and ALL the books she had on the go (all in various stages of consumption).  That vignette has always stayed with me…and is perhaps why I am so moved and inspired by a truly thoughtful, unusual and beautiful space that is both functional YET inspiring.  Our bedroom is where most of us spend 1/4 of our lives (or more for you sleepy heads) … so WHY oh WHY would we not make it the most beautiful space that reflects not only who we are…but what inspires us and motivates us.
Fresh, simple, vintage yet soft modern all at the same time…the linen headboard give s a soft dreamy visual texture
 I am NOT speaking about buying a bedroom “set” (if you have this it is time for a Makeover).  Decide the look and feeling you want and think creatively about how you want to use your space…Do you read often?  Are you a magazine addict?  Do you love to have a variety of light depending on time of day and if someone else is sleeping so as not to disturb them? Do you need extra storage? Does your innner magpie need to display some of your prized treasures?  What scale can your space take?
I ADORE the layered visual textures and the controlled usage of bold colour with the layering of bold patterns…a truly sexy bedroom
 Whether your bedroom is a massive suite or a tight condo with just enough room for a bed and a sliver of a bedside table, do not think for ONE moment this dictates how much personality, style, flair, sex appeal or creativity you can engineer into your Design.  What it means is planning, planning, planning and some more planning (followed by sourcing, sourcing, sourcing).  Don’t go for the instant gratification fix… find each item one by one and layer your Design.  Find the PERFECT pieces for YOU…whether they be at the chicest of boutiques or at the salvage yard.  It ALL comes down to how you layer the Design and how you incorporate your style and the functionality of the “vignette”.
Masculine, simple and fresh…I love the modern touch of the bedside lamp resting upon the nostalgic steamer trunk (the mirror finish gives it freshness)
 A Designer Trick when creating your finished look is to remember when working with objects, look for a mix of heights, visual textures and items that both reflect and absorb light (But always keep it useable, easily cleanable and touchable).  A bedside ESSENTIAL is a gorgeous lamp (lamps) that convey the deeper conceptual meaning and reference you are trying to create in your Design (whether this means you wire up a huge carved wood balustrade from the salvage yard yourself or get an exquisite hand cut crystal shaft lamp with a silk shade with silver lining…it all comes down to your personal Design).    Remember when adding and layering in your accessories to decide upon a dominant height and work down, try to have 3 levels.  A gorgeous, simple and effective display trick is to elevate short objects with a small book (something that has meaning to you or an empowering name on the spine).  Whatever the look you are going for, remember to have fun and play with your vignette until you get it right and it screams your name.

The magic of mirror is that it reflects light, adds movement, visual depth and that Alice in Wonderland magic to any space.  I love the reflecting of the bold carpet upholstered chair in the beside bureau and the elegant but casual arrangement of items and personality on the table.  The room is kept minimal and spare yet with the addition of the bold orange linen bench and the stunning chair the space feels inviting, rich and intelligent.

Being a pet FANATIC myself, I instantly fell in love with the creation of a headboard wall using framed pet photos that take the colour from the upholstered headboard and tie it into the grouping.  The calm elegant palette is freshened with the usage of the BOLD and sensual primary yellow side table with the sharp accents of the sea blue accessories.  This is a space where you and Rover can enjoy the Sunday New York Times in peace and style.

I LOVE the usage of the Campaign style side table with its patina zinc legs with the sharp contrast of the modern, simplistic functional arm lamp and the layering of books, photos and the casual arrangement of leaning the art against the wall.  Elegant yet breezy, inspiring yet subtle…

BIG & BOLD…yet completely organic, natural and inspiring.  I LOVE the usage of the reclaimed barn beams for the headboard with the inset suede panel and the Artisan sculptural knotted tree side table is simply a work of sheer genius.  It is both MODERN and completely natural at the same time…a rare moment of synthesis for those elements.  This space could be pushed in either direction by simply changing out the bedding… as it is now it is a space you want to wake up while being served your morning croissant and Latte.

VERY traditional…YET freshened with tweaking of the extra height in the headboard and the subtle layering of blues and greens…this Martha Stewart inspired space is at once Zen and inviting.

I LOVE everything about this tiny bedside table in this TINY apartment… the lack of size did NOT effect the BIGNESS of their Design vision.  I especially love the usage of the retro phone (in Orange no less)  with the grouping of framed Art and prints on the wall giving the space a academic yet modern retro feeling.  This is the perfect spot to read the latest issue of W magazine.

Another traditional space that is lightened and freshened both by its subtle palette as well as its quiet nature and beach theme.

Zany, Bold, Sexy, Chic and VERY European…this multi-layered space is NOT for the meek.  This is a space to be courted and feted with lovely gifts in Robin’s egg blue boxes with white silk ribbons.

Modern yet soft, inviting and peaceful…this space is given a rich layering with the usage of the 70’s chic bedside table and the beautiful sculptural glass lamp…the pop of pink with the flowers  is for me what gives the space that finishing touch.

I adore the colour palette in this room…the usage of the black wall to pop the white framed photos..the cerulean blue velvet chrome based bench, the white and black bedside table with the cerulean blue glass lamp…it is a stunning, inspiring and gorgeous space perfect for quiet moments or looking alluring…