The SPECTACULAR Home of Brad Goldfarb & Designer Alfredo Paredes as featured in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

ARCH DIGEST Alfredo Paredes Brad Goldfarb New York Apartment 03 Living Area Lg

You may sense a rather obsessive and recurring theme in my Design Blog lately (1, 2, 3 & the AMAZING 4) … BUT to my own defense, it really is Architectural Digest’s fault for doing the BEST home features published lately, and their “Designer’s Own Homes” April issue is NO EXCEPTION.  Packed from cover to cover with an array of brilliant interiors, it was the home of Designer Alfredo Paredes and Brad Goldfarb that resonated deeply with me… This is truly an uplifting, innovative, gorgeous, modern, nostaligic, sexy and ELEGANT home perfect for quiet moments alone, family gatherings and huge “shindigs”.  Alfredo Paredes is Ralph Lauren’s Designer responsible for the creation of the company’s brilliantly conceived environments.  (Parades oversees everything from the Design of the spaces to product presentation).  I love how Paredes imagined the space (which they completely renovated into its current exquisite look) as that of an Artist’s garret, something with a romantic and mysterious mood and ALL on a grand scale.  (He was inspired by the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood).  The Design is one of tensions and contrasts… Glamour yet rustic, Quiet yet Bold, Grand yet Intimate…  The end result is simply inspirational.

This breathtaking image (which is ALSO the cover of the April 2012 Architectural Digest issue) resonates Designer Alfredo Paredes’ objective clearly and beautifully… it is at once both timeless and classic, yet cuttingly fresh and uplifting.  The series of repeated double doors with their arched transoms and the vast rooms magnificent timber ceiling play off on the dichotomy of Old and New repeated in the Design.  The stunning central table is by Lucca Antiques, and the Spanish wrought-iron lantern from Gustavo Olivieri. The vase is by Ralph Lauren Home and the beautiful framed photograph is by Richard Phibbs.  This is a space that simply with the changing of seasons would give a stunning “newness” to the space throughout the year.

I adore the quiet monumentality of this area in the over sized Dining room… a massive canvas by Artist Pat Steir hangs above a rustic yet deliciously modern vintage Belgian console table.  The overall feeling is like that quiet moment JUST before a grand party…simply add a rich array of people and you’re ready to go.

The Living room is a stunning blend of historic and modern elements creating a juxtaposition of luxurious and casual, grand and intimate, bold and cerebral.  I Love the sense of intimacy, scale and personality the space exudes.  Over the beautifully hand carved fireplace is a large work on paper by Richard Serra.  I ESPECIALLY ADORE how they incorporated the large flat-screen television by mounting it on an artist’s easel.  The timeless club chairs are by Ralph Lauren Home and the vintage horn stool adds to the layered Design effect.

The punchy industrial light fixtures (by Obsolete) and the chunky yet timeless blue-stone countertops complement the bleached white-oak cabinetry in the kitchen.  The room feels Modern, European, Nostalgic and Cinematic ALL at the same time.  I especially adore the French Doors onto one of the many terraces.

Something about this EXQUISITE Bathroom makes me want to do a Tableau Vivant of “The Death of Marat“… The elegant sconces and the AMAZING tub are by Urban Archaeology while the beautifully elegant branch sculpture is from Wyeth and makes a quiet yet BOLD statement.  I LOVE this space…