Designer Trend… BRANCHELIERS (twig chandeliers with a Sexy & Urban Spin)


“Branchelier” (Branch + Chandelier)…A Naturally Chic & Designer Twist Lighting Option

A HOT Designer trend in lighting that can be seen in every glossy magazine out there today are what I like to call Brancheliers… These Designer savvy impact fixtures are especially good at creating a focal point “chandelier”,  giving your space both a natural AND modern freshness, just with a powerful punch.  Of course as you know from my CONSTANT ranting about chandeliers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 to name a few)… they aren’t just for dining rooms or entryways, USE one in every room of your home, just find the RIGHT one.  Opt for more glamorous, beautiful and contemporary lighting pieces that add appeal and charm to any space. The “trend train” is moving away from the typical recessed lighting options towards stunning chandeliers — so hop on board! (you can add the obligatory “chew chew” to the end of that statement).

Or as someone in my office likes to say… “Let’s get twiggy with it!”.

As I’ve mentioned, one of my current favourite Design obsessions are the “chandexotic” and visually compelling “brancheliers” (branch + chandelier).  Although fitting for any season, a white coated branchelier is the perfect inspiration for Winter.  I love these contemporary chandelier options for many reasons… They’re rustic and natural, yet at the same time, add a sophisticated edge to a room.  I love the idea of incorporating items made from outdoor materials indoors (but with a funky twist to it). Branch-chandeliers are edgy but still remain elegant and delicate by nature, even when created on a LARGE scale.  Paint them a sexy, daring, “look-at-me” colour (Pick one of my Top 10 MSL Paint colours) and you’re good to go!  Want a chandelier that can take you from the dining room to the entrance way to the kitchen to your study or to your family room…and back again?  The versatile branchelier does just that.  It compliments any space with a unique, one-of-a-kind touch.

One of my favourite Branchelier Designers is Deanna Wish Designs …  Deanna creates a plethora of gorgeous Branchelier types in a variety of colours. What I like about her process is that you can direct the Design of your own custom created Branchelier…adding lights, denseness, size, etc.   You can as well customize your colour – many of the chandelier options are available in any Benjamin Moore paint hue!. Two of my personal favourite chandeliers include the Briarwood (White) Twig Chandelier / Branchelier and the Wildwood (Coral) Chandelier / Branchelier. (see her gallery)

A hot pink/fuchsia-coloured branchelier would look sexy and unexpected. A lime green-coloured one would be the perfect modern pop in a white office, whereas a deep red one would be fabulous for a more rustic space, evoking the memory of Old Barns in the countryside. The effects they can create with light itself is stunning, throwing a gorgeous every changing play of light and shadow in your space… I guarantee you will LOVE the effect.

A different take on the Branchelier theme…


  1. KariKari03-08-2012

    These would be magical over the holidays or in a deep rust color … casting magical shadows around a non-shiny room (not fond of the silver).