The exquisite & ORIGINAL …TATE Chair by LUCCA STUDIOS in NYC and L.A.

Lucca Studio Tate Wing Chairs 1

The TATE Chair by Lucca Studio

Exquisite is a word often thrown about nowadays when describing things of great beauty… HOWEVER few items can live up to this anointed title quite as elegantly and brilliantly as the Tate chair by the amazing Lucca Studio / Lucca Antiques.  Lucca Studio/Antiques is famous for their exquisite collection of truly “one-of-a-kind” Antiques, collected from around the globe (snarfle their website to see the amazing breadth and beauty of their collection)… however it is this brilliant Design by their Lucca Studio division that riveted my attention.  Taking a classic 18th Century silhouette wingback chair but completely re-envisioning the Design by constructing it entirely of wood… AND not just any wood, but ACTUAL reclaimed 18th Century Spanish Chestnut.  The Spanish Chestnut is a species of the genus Castanea (chinkapins and chestnuts) which is contained by the diverse Fagaceae family of beech and oak trees, which are distinguished as the Spanish Chestnut, Portuguese Chestnut and European chestnut.  The wood is lustrous, visually compelling and has such a rich sense of history it becomes the focal point of any room or space you position this gorgeous piece within.  While MANY retailers are now making their own “version” of this Design … this is the Original Design, and as Eddie Monsoon would say “Buy an original Sweetie, D’ahling”.   What I love personally about this Design is that it is actual reclaimed 300 year old wood used in its construction and that each piece is entirely hand crafted by master craftspeople.  The photos (courtesy of Lucca Studio) show the Tate chair in Belgian linen with down cushions.

A 1000 year old Spanish Chestnut Tree

Notice the beautiful hand notching on the detail of the Wing

The patina of the wood is rich and lustrous while giving one a sense of history and intrigue

I ADORE how the natural fissures of the wood are incorporated into the Design (see the back detail)… it gives the piece a sense of antiquity and reminds one of  the unique nature of the material and what the lineage might be of it, as well as its ties to Nature.

The gentle hand carved Cabriole leg is both traditional (in its Design origin) and modern because of its raw, reclaimed usage of the wood.  It is a stunning fusion of Traditional Design meeting Modern day lifestyle.

I love the sense of the welcoming arms of the Wings… it gives the chair an inviting presence… a place you want to sit and reflect, talk or enjoy a meaningful conversation.

I particularly love the severity and bold look of the back of this Design.  It can be seen completely in the round in a space and give a different feeling from every angle…something all true Art should do.

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