Colour SPLASH … The ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST feature on Sid Bergamin’s Brazilian Getaway

ARCH DIGEST Sig Bergamin Sao Paulo Brazil 04 Living Room Lg1

BOLD Artworks by Bert Stern, Takashi Murakami, and Alex Katz line the jewel box living room giving it punch, power, visual stimulation and DRAMA…   (I love the Bergamin Designed cocktail table… retro chic meets modern Glamazon)

Exuberant, rich, lush, candy-coated, intense, surreal … ALL of these words can be used to described the personal style of Architect and Designer Sig Bergamin (a veritable rock-star Designer in Brazil).   Bergamin is a Jet-Set crowd Designer, creating fairy tale exuberance’s for clients who have multiple mansions,  jets,  helicopters, yachts, fleets of cars (with drivers)… you get the idea.  But it is not that aspect of his career that interested me.. it was his own personal style when creating a space  for himself that captured my eye.  I was surprised by his own homes layered sense of whimsy, exuberance and BOLD, juicy colour!  Colour that literally envelops you and takes you to another dimension.   His Brazilian estate/getaway is featured in Architectural Digest… showcasing a totally different side of Bergamin’s genius.  Take a look at the photos and see how the layering of colour… UNEXPECTED colour and layered combinations of periods, styles and details, create a totally unique personal space that is a vivacious setting for a summer retreat… NOT for everyone, but truly a bold and beautiful personal statement.

I love that Bergamin used salvage flooring & architectural details and salvage hardware from a nearby 19th-century estate that was being torn down.  I LOVE salvage material and adore the idea of keeping a part of the other historical building alive… showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of the materials.  18th and 19th century French and Italian furnishings live comfortably with modern pieces from Brazil and the U.S.  I also love the way Bergamin uses antiques … NOT as reverential, roped off items BUT to be used, touched and loved daily.  Bold and very personal, this home showcases its owners and their guests beautifully.  Make sure to see the full feature at the ESSENTIAL

The Pedro Friedeberg hand chair immediately sets the tone for the Design…witty, unexpected and unique.

The sharp blue-green of the Living room walls makes the Art pop in a bold almost visceral manner.  Some of the pieces hanging include Art by Alexander Calder and Carla Barth.  I love the layered sensibility of the room with the juxtaposition of the antique chinoiserie chair, empire pedestal table and the bold modern hand woven carpet with the array of modern Art creating a full backdrop screen.

The BOLD and brilliant vintage ikat envelops the guest bedroom giving it an almost Post-Impressionist feeling of pattern on pattern… almost as if you were stepping into an Edwardian painting … the luggage is vintage Louis Vuitton.

The stunningly intense colours of the living room are a melange of periods, colours, textures, fabrics, materials and cultures… It is a very personal space that is dedicated to being a joyous break from Bergamin’s usual hectic schedule.  The fringed sofas are clad in a Rubelli velvet from Donghia and are laden with vibrant pillows giving it a Morrocan feeling while floor to ceiling shelving showcases countless Murano-glass vessels.  A stunning Vik Muniz painting is displayed against the mirrored fireplace wall.