Horse Lamp By Moooi In Silver Leaf

I am having a complete Designer Obsession at the moment for the  HORSE LAMP by Front Design for MOOOI … all it is missing is a young Elizabeth Taylor on top and the breathtakingly lifelike and LIFE-SIZED horse is both a Functional light source as well as a brilliant & mesmerizing sculpture.  I adore the slight Alice in Wonderland nonsensical, conceptual madness it gives to a space … elevating a serious or modern interior to that of Art and adding that ever elusive “whimsical” touch.  (I am contemplating ordering one for myself in Black which of course will henceforth be referred to as Black Beauty).

 The Horse Lamp measures in at 7’8″ tall and is made of 100% polyester (it was introduced to the market in 2006 and is available in black, white, silver AND can be special ordered through specialty retailers covered in tiny glass mosaic tile as well).   I love the blurb by MOOOI about the piece “The Horse lamp by Front is faithful to the true dimensions of the animal bringing a touch of nature in fairy-tale style and genuine madness. By rejecting abstraction and taking inspiration from a living creature it delivers a powerful emotive content that never fails to elicit a strong response from onlookers. Who wouldn’t want a horse lamp to light up their home? Furniture to fall in love with at first sight or hate forever.”  Like all works of Art … this piece is bold, awakening and definitely makes a statement.

As the saying goes… a picture is worth a thousand words (albeit I am always verbose even WITH pictures) … I love how the shade almost makes the life-sized horse look as if it is trying to hide from you like one of the elephants from Fantasia wearing the lampshades when they had a bit to much to drink.  The Design group Front base their product Designs on explorations and experiments that “communicate a story to the observer about the design process and the material used” (I love this passage on their process).  Front consists of Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren.  I have a desire to saddle it up with a vintage hand tooled leather saddle and horse blanket… I will keep you posted.

I wonder what a grouping of 3 of them would look like in my office… I wonder if they make polyester bails of hay.

I love the idea of a vintage horse blanket tossed over the midsection (or in this case a flag…)

I think I would prefer a single to be in the black colour to boldly pop and a grouping of them to be in the gloss white to give the effect of an Installation Artwork

I wonder how often at parties you would find a guest astride it? ….

  1. Addy SaeedAddy Saeed03-21-2012

    This is sooo cool. South Beach Condo has the same horse in their lobby too. >_>