Faux FABULOUS Wallpapers from the amazing MINEHEART Lovable Design

Mineheart Wallpaper

The power of a beautiful (and well crafted) Faux Wallpaper is its ability to transcend the expected and add a sense of Magic, Mystery and INTRIGUE to your Interior Design, whether it’s for your home, office or a retail/commercial setting.  I love their ability to make you question what you are looking at…that Alice in Wonderland principle I’ve spoken about before.  The first question that people ask when encountering faux wallpaper is, “Is it real or not?”.   Faux wallpaper is a fusion of Art and Design, that is sophisticated, clever and imaginative, ESPECIALLY when used in an unexpected application.

This was why I was SO EXCITED to discover the incredible Mineheart, located in Cambridgeshire England (DON’T worry, they ship World wide and have reps for their products globally).  Mineheart produces the ‘Lovable Collection’ of wallpaper (as well as lighting, furniture and sexy accessories). As Mineheart says “The pieces in the collection are selected to inspire us, many tell a story, express a poetic notion, a thought or an experiment, others just make us smile! The pieces are on the boundary between objects of art and mass produced items and many of the products are made to order or produced in small batches by UK based craftspeople.”  Mineheart was launched in 2010 by Designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia (originally of Studiomold and Young & Battaglia).  The duo is known for their playful approach to design and innovative “re-appropriation of materials and imagery”.

Faux wallpapers visually speak about creating an optical illusion and as such there are many ways that you can use faux wallpaper in your space.  You can commit to using faux wallpaper on an entire feature wall, or hang just one panel or frame a section. For example, rough-around-the-edges planks can be used vertically or horizontally and are the perfect wallpaper idea to warm up a cold condo.  Or inset a nook or bookcase with the library wallpaper to give a sense of depth and mystery, or perhaps add a weathered door to nowhere… giving a room an old world charm and a playful sense of fantasy.

7 Ways to Get Creative With Faux Wallpaper:

  1. Apply faux wood wallpaper to a small piece of plywood and lean it against the wall as a room accent.
  2. Faux wallpaper the ceiling and paint the walls a solid colour.
  3. Use faux wallpaper and apply it to the back of kitchen cabinets, china cabinets, bookshelves – anything with shelving space.
  4. Try the concrete wallpapers as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash to give the room an edgy and industrial vibe.
  5. Apply the faux wallpaper to a large canvas and hang it on a feature wall to double as art.
  6. Apply the faux wallpaper to a big sheet of plywood – approximately the size of a full-length mirror — and apply it to the wall (horizontal), and then on it put your favourite pieces of artwork, framed photographs, etc.
  7. Layer the wallpaper to already existing painted walls to give an eye-catching contrast. Who says you need to paint or wallpaper your walls? You can have both!

So next time you want to add texture and personality to your space … think faux.  My favourite wallpapers from MINEHEART are the following:

White Paneling Wallpaper

The White Paneling wallpaper is a visual STUNNER and is inspired by Georgian Architectural details and features white decorative panels with a layering of profiles that give an elegant, classic yet FRESH look.  It can be used to create a bright modern meets historic feeling (think of a stately Georgian mansion updated for today’s lifestyle) and is perfect for doing a single feature wall, an entire room or cutting it up and using elements of it in your Design.  It is printed on 300 gram fabric backed textured paper and is suitable for both domestic and commercial usages.


The Chesterfield Button Back (shown in grey)

I love the visual sumptuousness of this faux paper… LUX and modern at the same time… very visually “comforting” in a way.  The iconic tufted leather look is perfect to creat a sense of luxury and give the feeling of a 19th cent. Gentlemen’s club, boudoir or of course a mental institution… I LOVE the idea of upholstering a dining room with this wallpaper (it comes in a variety of colours), using it in a high ceiling entrance hall beside the stairs or in an office as a rich feature wall.  This paper lends itself to being used in many applications.


Black Wrought Metal Gate

I LOVE the visual power, impact and sex appeal of this faux wallpaper.  It gives the look of exquisitely hand forged iron gates from an old mansion, palace or private club and can be used as a feature wall, insets, cabinet lining or a mixed Design application.  The black background gives a powerful depth to this hand created paper and the forged iron effect varies across the entire surface giving it a shockingly realistic finished effect.  Truly stunning!


White Cast Iron Lace Wallpaper

My personal favourite of the entire Mineheart collection… the White Cast Iron Lace Wallpaper is completely breathtaking in the right location.  (TRULY STUNNING)  Visually inspired by historic decorative metalwork and Architectural elements, the massive scale and deeply ornate fretwork gives this particular paper an utterly convincing and stunning faux effect.  I love the grandeur, the romance, the mystery and the BOLDNESS of it.  I would love to see an entire feature wall covered in it,  recessed nooks, a sunroom wall with a series of french doors, the headboard wall of a bed, an entire wall in an office with a picture rail and leaning photos against it… the list goes on and on.  This paper is open to any usage and endless creative interpretations of it.


The White Planks Wallpaper

White washed simplicity and calm… a shabby chic delight.  The White Planks paper is reminiscent of beach huts, sexy magazine shoots and airy cottages.  Its perfect for an entire room, feature walls, insets, cabinet backs or creative usages (rip it up and use segments).  I love the modern meets rustic sensibility of this paper, very chic.

The White Bookshelf Wallpaper

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one… Fresh, witty, unexpected, bright, minimalist and sexy.  Perfect to create a stunning contemporary sharpness in your office (home or work), use as a feature walls or paper an entire room.  I would love to see the flanking walls of a fireplace treated with this or an opposite wall as you enter a room to truly give the visual magic its full effect.


  1. AilsaAilsa04-15-2012

    I too LOVE these designs – where can I buy them (I am after the white bookshelf one in particular)? I live in Vancouver. Thank you!