Get your BLIK on! … BLIK, a Sexy, Bold & Dynamic alternative to Paint or Wallpaper!

Blik In Private Residence

Get Your BLIK On

Remember the days when there were few (if any) alternatives to the paint versus wallpaper conundrum?  Besides those two choices, there weren’t many other options to decorate your walls.  This exact same problem happened one night in 2002 to Architect Scott Flora and food writer Jerinne Neils when they were debating on whether to paint or wallpaper their walls. The problem was that either option wasn’t exactly what they wanted. To further the problem, what they desired didn’t actually exist! Looking to end the tyranny of limited options, they decided to create BLIK.

I ADORE the Blik series of panels and Designs based on original works of Art by the iconic Artist Keith Haring

Blik is a strange and funny name… It reminds me of the name of an Alien (Alf’s step-brother perhaps) or conversely, a twisted Burtonesque children’s fable.  But there’s nothing funny about the success of this company. Ten years after its conception, Blik became the World’s first removable wall graphic company that is acclaimed all across the globe and used in MANY of the hottest hotels, b0utiques, clubs, homes and condos (check out their customize-able section to get the FULL effect).  Thanks to Blik, the wallpaper versus paint dilemma is over, oppression in the design world was lifted, and people were liberated to try something unique, different, flexible and best of all … removable! (This is an especially wonderful aspect for everyone who rents their home and must return it to original status upon moving)

The Keith Haring panels used in a continuous series on a wall creating a sinuous and organic wall that draws in the observer

Unique Ways to Use Blik:

Headboards:  Blik can provide you with a graphic headboard with no “boards” required!  Give your bed a quick and easy makeover and make a bold statement in your space – with little cost or mess!  The headboards come in a variety of designs and countless colour options.  Changing up your room is as easy as stripping away a decal!  Tired of one colour? That’s okay! Just swap it out for another.  HINT… try mixing one of the Headboard patterns with another BLIK pattern to give your headboard wall the feeling of an Art installation.

Add some conceptual whimsy and a bold graphic punch to a Guest room with a BLIK headboard.

To create a stunning headboard look, all you need is a coat of charcoal paint and a BLIK wall tattoo.  First, paint the feature wall a bold colour (try colour matching Martha Stewart’s Francesca Black – and then place your decal on top).  Just remember to not use the same colour decal as the wall colour (or else you won’t see it).  I suggest a white, mirror, or HOT pink stencil against the black hue, which would give the most impact.  It’s a great way to introduce a level of sophistication and style to a relatively simple or modest bedroom.

I love the humour and whimsy of this … sort of headboard…

Patterned Wall Tiles: These patterned wall tiles bring bursts of pattern and colour in a fresh and innovative way. With these tiles you can create an accent over a bed, on an interior door or frame a small section of the wall. They can be repositioned, rotated, combined, crafted and cut in a number of ways.  Plus the decals are eco-friendly and non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about their impact on the environment or a small one or pet sucking on them.

For Kids: Blik is a fun and interesting option to use in a kid’s room because of the cheeky and innovative designs.  One of my favourite Blik designs for kid spaces is this Wee Gallery Growing Like a Weed Growth Chart.  I love the practical element of this Blik design, where you can actually play around and interact with it.  Plus it’s an adorable spin on the growth chart – who didn’t have one of those in their house on a wall or a doorway? It’s something that parents and kids alike both enjoy.

The Weed Growth Chart

Customize Your Office or Business:  Blik is branching out into the business world by offering one-of-a-kind “wallscapes” for not only your home but also your office, retail space, advertisement agency, restaurant or nightclub… and the end result is SPECTACULAR!  If you’re planning an event or looking to rebrand your company, Blik can help with that.  In fact, the company works closely with Architects and Designers from around the globe.


DIY – How to Apply Blik:

Are you new to Blik?  Does the idea of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) terrify you a bit? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Blik can be applied in these 7 FOOL PROOF and easy steps:

1. Prep  Blik is a bit different than standard wallpaper application. In order for Blik to stick correctly, you first need to prep a dry, smooth and clean surface. To ensure that your wall is clean, just grab a dry cloth and give it a quick wipe down. Don’t forget the corners! If you’ve just finished painting your walls, allow at least 2 weeks for the paint to cure.  I know that seems like a long time; however, applying Blik to a wet surface is a big no-no!

2. Plan Applying your Blik at the spur-of-the-moment can be fun, but what happens if you regret it later? You’ll just cause more work for yourself: the dreaded do-over. So avoid remorse, tape your decals onto your wall before removing the backing. For some decals you may need to cut loosely around the edges so that you have the complete freedom to arrange them as you wish. Step back and give it a glance. If you like what you see … go for it!

 3. Rub In this step, you want to shift the weight of your decal to the transfer tape. To do this, simply lay your design on a hard surface (with the graphic side facing down). Firmly rub – or you can use a squeegee – over the entire backing. Beside your hand or squeegee you can also use a rubber spatula. I also find a credit card it also effective (a platinum Amex works especially well). Don’t be afraid to give your rubbing some oomph.  (No pun intended)

4. Peel Away Slowly, but surely, start at one corner of the design and peel away the paper backing with a rolling action.

5. Attach Using your best precision,h old two corners of the transfer tape – along with the decal – and stick it onto your surface. Smooth one edge onto the transfer first. This is to avoid wrinkles and bubbling. Continue smoothing in a firm and gentle motion all the way down.

6. Remove the tape  So now you’ve applied and attached the decal, now it’s time to remove the tape! Once again, start in one corner and roll it along your surface. If any of the part of the decal sticks to the tape, don’t fret. Just stop pulling, roll back, repress the graphic onto the surface and continue slowly peeling.

7. Enjoy!  You’re done. Good job!

Welcome to the innovative world of Blik! I hope you enjoy your stay and think of “the Blik alternative” the next time you need to revamp your space. It’s fast, inexpensive, BOLD and memorable. Plus it’s a natural choice for creating that edgy, urban look that’s popular with kids, teens, urban spaces or commercial settings.  Don’t forget to follow my 7 easy steps for application and soon you’ll be on your way to Blik Heaven.

I love the simplicity and conceptual twist BLIK offers a modern space

A wonderful example of a BOLD feature wall paint colour layered with a graphic BLIK pattern… Modern, fresh and FUN