Easton Neston Estate as featured in Architectural Digest… prepare to be ASTOUNDED!

Easton Neston Exterior Detail3

The Magnificent stone facade of Easton Neston as featured in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

The word palatial describes the physicality of the spectacular estate known as Easton Neston, but to truly describe this astounding achievement of Art, Architecture, Design and History one needs to use the word MAGICAL to convey the end result .  The German word for this complete blending of all the Arts into one creation is Gesamtkunstwerk (say that three times quickly!) So when I came across this SPECTACULAR castle featured in Architectural Digest I was beyond ecstatic (especially since this is one of the few completely privately owned English Castles never open to public).  As usual, Architectural Digest does a thrilling job of capturing the essence of the estate (both of its interior and exterior)… I’ve written before numerous times of my love for Architectural Digest (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

The Drawing room of Easton Neston… one wonders if it comes equipped with Helena Bonham Carter in a corset speaking passionately about Keats…

Easton Neston (near Towcester, Northamptonshire, England) was designed in the English Baroque style by the the famed Architect Nicholas Hawksmoor, who worked on Castle Howard and Blenheim Palace.  Easton Neston is believed to have been completed in 1702 and represents the zenith of the English Baroque style.  Unlike its contemporaries… Easton Neston is a more “human” scale palace of 36 rooms and 36,000 sq. ft.   commissioned by Sir William Fermor, first Baron Lempster and is seen as a synthesis of combining grandeur with urbanity, in a country setting.

The hand carved lions that adorn the estate

The interior of Easton Neston is beautifully lit with all of its principal rooms having windows that stretch from floor to ceiling giving the rich interiors a softer, more natural lighting than most homes of its period.  To say the interiors are glamorous and opulent is an understatement…Gilt-wood consoles gleam in its crystal chandelier hung, lofty rooms with canvases by Sir Peter Paul Rubens and many other great masters hung throughout the mansion.  

The Yellow Dining room of Easton Neston

Massive, hand carved marble busts representing the seasons on carved marble columns create a forest in the gallery where a vast arched window frames an ornamental canal  (known as the Long Water)  in the spectacular garden also designed by Hawksmoor.

The South Garden Entrance Hall

Easton Neston is now not merely owned by, but truly championed by Fashion Designer Leon Max who spent 3 years restoring the estate and its grounds with the help of  Architect Ptolemy Dean (a Traditionalist Architect who was recently named Surveyor of Westminster Abbey) and Interior Designer Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill (the daughter of the 11th Duke of Marlborough who grew up at Blenheim Palace and has written countless tomes on traditional English Design).

The magnificent kitchen (located in the vaulted basement) was the brilliant creation of Architect Ptolemy Dean

Carved above the splendid front entrance are the words Hora e Sempre, Latin for “Now and Always” … I believe thanks to the passion, drive and massive financial commitment of Leon Max (the yearly upkeep NOT including the restoration, the renovation or any of the Design and furnishing of Easton Neston is over 3 million dollars per year) and the brilliance of the restorative team headed by Ptolemy Dean, that the carving is now ensured… Easton Neston has been restored for generations, now and always.

One of the many outbuildings of Easton Neston… however, this one was Designed by Christopher Wren!  Leon Max uses it as his home office for his Fashion empire.


 The spectacular Stair Hall of Easton Neston

The Garden walk entrance

The South Gates to enter the grounds of Easton Neston

The famed topiary garden of Easton Neston

Historic aerial view of Easton neston circa 1928

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