The GUGGENHEIM Paint Collection by FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE… Exquisite!

7 1 Guggenheim Color Fan Deck


More than just a collection of some of the World’s greatest Modern Art… more than a stunning (and still polarizing) visual expression of Architectural brilliance by the great Frank Lloyd Wright... more than a powerful, personal experience in which to “experience” Art in a literal “theater of the round”… The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City has for over a half century selected, created and perfected the Art of selecting the PERFECT wall colour to complement the Guggenheim’s beloved and celebrated collection of iconic modern Art (all the while showcased in its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home on Fifth Avenue… a veritable fantasy world devoted to Art… if you haven’t been then MAKE TIME on your next excursion to NYC)

The collection is based BOTH on specific works of Art as well as tones created by the curators of the Guggenheim to best showcase and act as the backdrop to the Art.

The Guggenheim has FINALLY created their own paint collection with an exclusive licensing arrangement with Fine Paints of Europe Inc., of Woodstock, Vermont.  While there are now COUNTLESS individuals/magazines/designers out there in the retail sphere with a paint line…the difference here is that these are custom colours inspired by, taken from and created by the Guggenheim.  Colours and shades to best express a modern, fresh and stimulating environment that not only showcases the items within (Art, collections and individuals) BUT they also act as a backdrop that is livable and inspiring, perfect for Designers, Home owners, Architects and Art lovers/collectors.

GLOSS colour inspired by the Cezanne collection

The exclusive Guggenheim paint collection comprises 2 colour palettes, the Classical Colour Collection and the Gallery Colour Collection (yes I spell colour with a U…as should you…but I won’t preach).  The Guggenheim  chose Fine Paints of Europe, as Karen Meyerhoff (Managing Director of Business Development at the Guggenheim) says “…to develop these new collections because of the company’s expertise in recreating even the subtlest nuances of color and because of the quality of the paint itself.  We also admire their philosophy of customer service, working with clients closely to consider the context and lighting conditions before making a decision about color, in much the same way that our designers work with our curators”.

I ADORE the enamel gloss sheen… lustrous, sexy, fresh, modern yet classic…perfection!

Fine Paints of Europe was founded in 1987 to introduce Dutch enamels to the North American market after a trip by the founder to Amsterdam where he saw the amazing enamel coatings.  The FPE line are all unique coatings that are made from the finest ingredients by Wijzonol Paint Works of Zwolle and meet the highest Dutch standards of beauty, performance and long-term durability.  The paints for the Guggenheim have been intensely fine-tuned by the curators and the FPE team to best serve a wide variety of architectural settings and lighting situations and to precisely match each hue.


The Classical Colour collection includes 150 paint colours inspired by the Guggenheim’s permanent collection of modern Art and actual Gallery Colours.  50 hues are colours created by generations of Guggenheim Museum curators, Artists, and Designers…. INCLUDING Frank Lloyd Wright himself. This colour collection reflects the Guggenheim’s celebrated collection of modern masterpieces, and recreates the colour palette of artists such as Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, Robert Delaunay, Giorgio de Chirico, and Vasily Kandinsky. Fine Paints of Europe precisely matched each colour and created the final formulations. Each Classical Colour relates to the painting from which it was derived and the artist who created it.


The Gallery collection arose from the process of how each time the Guggenheim mounts an exhibition it embarks on an elaborate design process to plan the gallery ambiance. Wall colour is used to convey a particular time, place, or culture, and must highlight the works of Art without competing with them. Don’t forget…the only natural light in the Guggenheim is the massive organic shaped skylight… so the colour is critical to a show and influences how a museum visitor experiences the Art, so this process is crucial to the presentation. Guggenheim Gallery Colors includes the original colors chosen for the museum by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as colours preferred by generations of curators and various iconic Artists.

In other words… I LOVE THE ENTIRE COLLECTION… take a look at the collection in more detail here….and post the results