How to buy your next Dining Table…

Dining Room With Eclectic Sensibility Elle Decor 2010

Many of us feel completely overwhelmed at the thought of purchasing a major piece of furniture for our homes. This is particularly true in regards to a dining room table as it is a piece that requires the most planning and spatial understanding. Here are a few tips and suggestions on selecting a new table:

Remember that your dining room should always make your guests feel comfortable, create the stage for a memorable dining experience and be a natural extension of your home.  Before you even decide to go shopping you need to define your personal style.  Decide if you are formal or informal, modern or traditional and what material would best suit your home environment.  Determine how often you entertain and how many guests you usually invite. This will determine if you require an extendable table.

Next, take out a piece of paper and draw out your dining room to scale. This will help you determine the best size and shape table your home requires. Use paper and cut out a variety of table shapes and sizes (all to scale) to see which one works best in your space.

Then make sure to consider the principles of size and space. Always have at least 24″ for each place setting along the edges of your table. A 36″ to 40″ wide table will afford you about 10″ in the center of your table for decorating or side dishes and always leave a minimum of 36″ around your table completely clear so that your guests can comfortably approach and excuse themselves without overturning their wine. Always make sure that the arms of your chairs easily slide under your new table.

I often suggest using a round table if it works for your room as a round tables give added dimension to a room, encourages great conversation and in Feng Shui, symbolizes a heavenly blessing. What more could you want from your dining experience!