A stunning BEFORE & AFTER from Designer J Randall Powers in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

J Randall Powers Design ARCH DIGEST AFTER Kitchen1

EVERYONE adores a good before & after … think of the makeover in “The Money Pit”, “The Princess Diaries”  or any HGTV program past or present … So when I saw the STUNNING transformation by Designer J Randall Powers featured in Architectural Digest I had to share it with all of you.  As Randall describes the house prior to the complete renovation (pronounced GUT in this scenario) … “everything was ludicrously out of scale or off-center or just not correct,”  (It was a builder’s spec house)  As you can see from the “Before” photos, the house suffered a heinous case of the 90’s beige.  Depressing, limiting, melancholic and evoking a sense of ennui from all those who entered…. the end result is fresh, conceptual, functional and sexy all at the same time.  For the complete “spread” check out the feature in Architectural Digest.

The Before (above) …. beige, boring, matchy-matchy and simply depressing… it reminds me of the Felicia Alden’s home in The Witches of Eastwick

GONE are the heinous and massive armed sofas…along with the 12 tonnes of beige.  Powers made the living room seem larger by removing the bookcases and lining the niches with mirrored glass.  I LOVE the Judith Godwin abstract painting above a limestone mantel.  This is now a space to entertain, to read, to have a coffee, to have an adult conversation or to enjoy a family moment.

I can not express enough how uncomfortable the above Kitchen feels to me and HOW MUCH I want to tear the window treatment of said window and dance upon the fabric…. but that’s just me.

Bold, sexy, functional, layered, interesting, uplifting, conceptual and unbelievably inviting… By taking the cabinets to the ceiling the HEINOUS void left is now gone and in fact it makes the room feel several feet taller.  I adore the usage of the paneling on the ceiling and the usage of the gray-green hue on the cabinets gives the space a sense of intimacy.  Timeless and elegant but completely usable and functional .. it’s a space that transforms your daily life and uplifts it. (I could do without the window treatment though)