RED Rooms… RED Rooms… RED Rooms… Inspiration from the pages of the brilliant ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST & ELLE DECOR

Seeing Red David Turnbough Designed Penthouse2

RED ROOMS… RED ROOMS… RED ROOMS … (to paraphrase the film “THE SHINING”)

This article is more of a visual, inspirational and motivational pictorial essay on the power of colour…specifically the power of RED.  In an era of white, beige, ecru, taupe, biscuit, stone and heather… we often loose sight of the power of colour and how a rich and complex colour can not only positively effect the Design of a space, but impact the occupants within.  Of course the possibilities of Red (much like the aforementioned white) are endless.  The endless variety and versions of Red can be used to create visual or conceptual tension, excitement, increased sexuality, induce one’s palette, add a warm glow, give a sense of alarm or simply to make a grand and elegant statement.  Red is the colour of drama and passion and is most assuredly NOT for the faint of heart.  However, it IS possible to Design a livable yet powerful, RED space.  Whether the Red is being used on a wall or in a handful of accessories, when used intelligently and with a bold panache, Red can make a room and its occupants come alive.

 So taking a visual tour from 2 of my favourite magazines… the ESSENTIAL Architectural Digest and the BRILLIANT Elle Decor, here is a collection of bold, sexy, challenging and unconventional RED, RED, RED rooms:

Bold, conceptual, mysterious and beautifully functional, this Dining room is true to its location… Morocco (of course).  Home to Art dealer Dorothea Elkon and her husband, Designer Salem Grassi, the space radiates both function and fantasy, a very hard pair to unite.  I ADORE the hand carved and laboriously hand painted ceiling, with the contrasting scarlet of the walls and can only imagine how glorious candlelight would look in that space during a dinner party. (May 2012)

On the opposite side of the Design spectrum is the magnificently detailed, historic Frijsenborg Castle (originally built in the 1860’s and boasting grand Neo Renaissance architecture by British Architect Ferdinand Meldahl).  The Banquet hall  (above) is wrapped in a lush, rich, red damask, which is then set against pure white moldings and hand carved, polar white stucco work. The bold focal point of the room is the brilliantly ornate, 19th-century German porcelain. (March 1982)

The dramatic and delightfully retro entrance hall of Designer Sig Bergamin’s São Paulo home (previously featured) sets the tone for the eclectic and COLOURFUL interior within (check out the feature for the full colour sauna palette).  I love the bold and oversized Caio Reisewitz C-print hung on the wall and the original Pedro Friedeberg hand chair. (April 2012)

Sophisticated, elegant and VERY New York… this stunning home created by Designer John Yunis and Architect Pietro Cicognani is a stunning example of the calming and sumptuous power of a deeper red palette.  The walls are sheathed in a lush wine red fabric by Maya Romanoff which beautifully pops the stunning Artwork by Alexander Mihaylovich.  As my Grandmother would say… VERY grown up. (August 2012)

I ADORE this lush, sexy and sophisticated space created by Interior designer David Turnbough.  I am especially in love with the brilliant usage of the Victorian concept of the round shared back sofa (known as a Borne).  I also love the fact that the room was based off the client’s Ferragamo scarf. The walls are upholstered in a lush and textural salmon velvet which beautifully offsets the gilt-wood armchairs.  The entire space speaks FASHIONISTA.  (November 2006)

Warm, inviting and crisp best describes the feeling of this beautiful Benjamin Moore colour (Million Dollar Red) and how it gives the room a subtly, sophisticated look.  The usage of the oversized black & white photos feels fresh and modern while the hand knotted carpet and relaxed seating keeps the space inviting, casual and warm.

GLOSSY GRANDEUR best describes the exquisite effect the Scarlet-lacquered walls (Try using Fine Paints of Europe high gloss wall paint) paired with a gloss dark trim brings to this NYC Dining room by Designer Brian McCarthy. The 19th-century glass chandelier further enhances the historical detailing of the neoclassical space, while the high gloss walls add a sense of modernity and fashion.

Traditional, warm and layered…this rich red room was created by using fabric upholstery instead of paint by Designer Miles Redd.  The fabric used is a rich red felt which is then contrasted beautifully with the silk window treatments trimmed in lipstick-red. The Louis XVI–style bergère and antique Oushak rug add to the room’s sumptuous elegance.

Sister Parish would be proud of this room… from the fabric swathed ceiling, to the furnishings, red is the dominant colour of choice.  The floral fabric of the ceiling with its red and bone backing acts as the catalyst for the rest of the space…. the red of the flowers has been matched on the rich red bookcases, cabinets, and an upholstered wrought-iron chair.  This room is both nostalgic and evocative… unexpected and quirky.

There is something almost tangible and “salivatory” about mixing red, pink and orange together…I adore how this red room was constructed by using a variety of red and pink silk fabrics, in fact ALL the colour in this room comes from the fabrics and cushions.  The bed has been draped in embroidered red & pink-and-gold saris that give the space a feeling of India but with a modern sensibility.