Spare & Modern Country Chic in ELLE DECOR

Robert Stilin Elle Decor 3

robert-stilin Elle Decor 1

The exquisite Modern-Country Spare Chic “weekend” home created by Designer Robert Stilin in ELLE DECOR

Nestled in a quiet nook in the Hamptons on a large secluded property was a magnificent, clean-lined and gracious 19th-century structure; surprisingly (and wonderfully I must emphasize) still historically intact and still situated on its property as it had been 200 years previously.  The wonderful thing with this feature is that neither the very famous clients NOR the Designer wanted to do the heinous “stock answer” that seems to be so painfully prevalent nowadays and GUT the home… but instead wanted to work WITH the house and property to best preserve its wonderfully unique energy and features.  All this, whilst making it livable and essential for today’s lifestyle.   The end result is something almost poetic in its simplicity, rustic elegance, modern spareness, clean lines, original patinas and wonderful synthesizing of old & new.  Some of my favourite spaces featured in the ELLE DECOR (the Designer ESSENTIAL magazine – RUN, don’t walk to get your copy) article include the following:

robert-stilin Elle Decor 4

I adore the lofty guest house with its combination of inspiration and invitation.  The vintage French light fixtures and the Hans Wegner armchair are both 1950’s originals, allowing the space to connect through all the decades from its history.  I especially love the sliding door which was originally on the exterior of the barn. (The possibilities of old doors are ENDLESS)

robert-stilin Elle Decor 5

The Master bedroom is spare, quiet and gracious yet underlays the strength and power of the home and its stunningly clean lines.  I love the pop of depth the photograph by Alec Soth gives the space.

robert-stilin Elle Decor 2

A quiet nook in the Family room gives a wonderfully private area for an intimate conversation or relaxation.  I especially love the usage of the vintage bar cart as a side table and the 1940’s swing lights.

robert-stilin Elle Decor 3

The Living room beautifully melds the vintage farmhouse, seaside sensibility, Art collector and modern enthusiast aspects of the Design into a singular and new creation.  I love the 1940’s Eero Saarinen chair (in its original leather) and the sculptural Guillerme et Chambron armchairs.

robert-stilin Elle Decor 6

The children’s bedroom in the guest house features 1950s headboards,clean bold lines, visual depth and warmth and the stunning usage of radiant-heated concrete floors.

robert-stilin Elle Decor 1The breathtaking family room is inspirational yet welcoming at the same time.  I love the flood of natural light that pours through the old windows and door and the original beadboard ceiling. I adore the usage of the Tom Dixon light fxture to add a sense of playfullness, whimsy and modernity to the space.  The bookcase is vintage and the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl.