Effervescent, Modern & Bold: Designer Vicente Wolf in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

Vicente Wolf 01 ARCH DIGEST

With a Design directive requesting “sparkling and light… yet with crispness”, Designer Vicente Wolf has created an airy, eccentric, welcoming, haute couture and dramatic interior fit for his clients and their brilliant collection of Art, as featured in Architectural Digest.  A space that is equal parts inspiration and livability; however It is Wolf’s signature unexpected “moments” that give the space its fantasy twist.  A glorious example of this being the MASSIVE 18th-century Italian crystal chandelier from Paris in the living room that hangs over a vintage green marble-top Saarinen Tulip table surrounded by immense, bold and grounding modern Art pieces. It is this sharp and unexpected contrast of “high” period extravagance set against modern lines and conceptualization that energizes the space with vitality and freshness.

The modern home is nestled within a 1920’s Park Avenue building (originally designed by Rosario Candela) and provides a brilliant backdrop for the astounding collection of modern Art including Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel, Cindy Sherman, Barnaby Furnas, Ernesto Caivano, Ellen Gallagher, Laura Owens, and Kara Walker (to name but a few of the amazing Artists they have collected from the mid 1970’s).  I love the spaces ability to go from coy and conceptual to OUT-AND-OUT main stage extravaganza (much like Wolf).  A few of my favourite photographs from the stunning Architectural Digest feature include:

vicente-wolf-07 ARCH DIGEST

The stunningly sunlight and spacious Entrance Hall immediately lets guests know that Art is the passion of the homeowners.  On display in the massive (by NYC standards this is the size of many a small apartment) entry are paintings by Prince, a series of four Brice Marden drawings, a work by Thomas Houseago and an Eric Fischl bronze sculpture.  I love Wolf’s usage of the 18th Cent Italian stools played against a modern, almost sculptural custom-made table that was designed by Wolf, creating a space that is timeless and nuanced. 

vicente-wolf-04 ARCH DIGEST

The Dining Room is a study in the unexpected… massive paintings by Dexter Dalwood and David Schnell flank the long space which is lined with curtains in a Rogers & Goffigon sage silk. To continue his homage to both the past and present, Wolf has used 1930’s Jules Leleu fauteuils, modern side chairs, 18th Cent. bronze candlesticks and a graphic carpet by Stark. (The only thing that disturbs me is the flask of Gerbera Daisies on the table…I have issues with daisies)

vicente-wolf-01 ARCH DIGEST

BOLD, layered, conceptual and unexpected… the living room is a massive space made human with the usage of the massive scale Art.  The STAR of the room being the exquisite canvas by the brilliant Barnaby Furnas over the mantel.  I also adore the Andy Warhol “Rorschach” painting and the Tom Friedman cereal-box sculpture.  By having the 18th-century Italian chandelier suspended over the Saarinen table, the space is given a timelessness, a history, a sense of evolution… a sense of personality of the family that lives there. 

vicente-wolf-10-library Architectural DigestThe masculine and quiet library is a space for contemplation and focus… a time to reflect whilst soaking up that spectacular view of NYC.