Store Watch Restoration Hardware: A few of my Favourite Things …

Restoration Hardware Aeor Table 2

To quote the immortal Julie Andrews… “these are a few of my favourite things” from Restoration Hardware as of late (available either in store OR through the catalogue/website only).  I’ve featured and spoken about Restoration Hardware before (Their 2012 Outdoor collection & their exquisite LIGHTING collection in particular their wondrously eccentric birdcage chandeliers).  However as of late, Restoration Hardware has aspired even more to create wonderfully manufactured and beautifully designed items that will work in any Design from ultra modern to posh Zsa-Zsa tradtional.  A few of my current faves include the following:

Restoration Hardware - Stack 50 tableRestoration Hardware - Stack 50 table 2


Designed by Marcello Pozzi, the STACK 50 table is an homage to the Designer’s roots growing up in his family’s furniture factory in Milan and the teachings of his father to always look for the simplicity in your solution.   Pozzi’s Design training led him to work at many construction sites, where he first became enamored with the medium of plywood.  The flexibility, strength and surprising number of ways it can be used ignited his imagination. The reason I like this piece is that it is in essence a work of sculpture. (Also, it reminds me of the twister from the Wizard of Oz).  The table is composed of 50 plywood disks (hence the name STACK 50) stacked on a metal rod with the size and angle variations giving it a sensual dynamism… the perfect spot for sexy, grown up cocktails and conversation.

  • Crafted of 50 plywood disks, finished in matte brown high-quality phenolic resin with sanded plywood edges
  • Finished by hand with clear wax
  • Stacked on a steel rod, the fixed disks are held by two steel plates
  • The number 50 is inset, in stainless steel, on the top
  • Made in Italy, in Pozzi’s family-owned furniture factory

Restoration Hardware - AERO dining table

Restoration Hardware - Aeor table 2

The AERO OVAL Dining Table

With its rich, sweeping lines and clarity of purpose/form, the AERO Oval dining table is an homage to the furniture and mentality of mid-century furnishings. The AERO represents simplicity with its balanced proportions and graceful sculptural curve. seemingly growing from the floor where it stands.  I adore the modern sensibility given it by mixing the cast metal pedestal base with a reclaimed wood top repurposed from 100-year-old solid elm doors.  By mixing the reclaimed elm with the cast iron pedestal the piece takes on a life of its own, something organic and Artisan.  I would love to see this in an open concept space where the form could stand out like a sculpture in the room.  I also love that the table allows the chairs about it to speak clearly and afford open conversation at the table. 

  • Elm from centuries-old exterior doors is set in a cast metal base with an oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Reclaimed elm is hand-selected, planed, sanded smooth and sealed with lacquer to highlight the wood’s grain
  • Cracks and shade variations, as well as nicks, nail-marks and other imperfections reflect the wood’s provenance

Restoration Hardware - Farmhouse Salvaged Wood Extension table

Restoration Hardware - Farmhouse salvaged wood island


Solid, sturdy, visually grounding and historic in material yet modern in interpretation, the FARMHOUSE salvaged wood series of extension tables are one of the classic, all purpose tables from Restoration Hardware that can literally work in anything from an ultra modern loft to a LUX traditional space.  The table gives a sense of permanence, of craftsmanship, and of the history of the reclaimed wood used from 100+ year old wood from Britain.  I would like to see this paired with opposite style chairs… either very modern and clean lined like the GHOST chair, OR something very sumptuous and refined.  Just remember to keep the chair sizes small and the back low so that the table can be the star and you don’t get a bunch of “giraffe chairs” surrounding it, blocking the view of the wood grain and warmth.

  • Handcrafted of solid reclaimed pine timbers from 100-year-old buildings in Great Britain
  • Rough-hewn planks are carefully hand-selected, planed and perfectly sanded
  • Unfinished tabletop bears the patina of reclaimed wood and is accented with distinctive nicks and imperfections that speak of the wood’s age and provenance
  • 72″ Table seats up to 8 with the 15″ breadboard extensions, up to 6 without
  • 96″ Table seats up to 12 with the 15″ breadboard extensions, up to 8 without
  • This item is artisan crafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations in the wood or metal work are to be expected and celebrated. Each item is unique and no two are exactly alike.

Restoration Hardware - deconstructed slope arm chair

Restoration Hardware - Deconstructed slope arm chair 2


When I first saw the deconstructed series from Restoration Hardware it reminded me of the painting Las Meninas (1656) by the great Master painter Diego Velázquez for some reason…. I’m not sure why to be precise, something about the aged beauty, the hidden purpose and the mystery it symbolizes.  I love the “looking behind the curtain at the Great and powerful Oz” sensibility it gives and its ability to lessen the weighty seriousness of a traditional room. The distressed walnut frame, accented with nail-heads  is complemented by the texture of burlap with linen or cotton upholstery.  I can see this working beautifully in both a modern, spare Design to give it humanity and layer the Design as well as working equally as beautifully in a traditional space to lessen the formality and stiffness of the room.

  • Early-18th-century French Louis XIV wing chair, with an arched back, down-scrolled arms and spindle-turned legs and stretchers
  • Built by hand with a kiln-dried, corner-blocked solid walnut frame
  • Clad in linen or cotton dyed to lend an antiqued appearance, with deeply tufted seat cushion.
  • Two layers of burlap cover the back and the rail below the seat
  • The walnut frame and legs are smoothly sanded and given a matte finish to look as they would before the final stain and polish; nicks, imperfections and natural variations in color are to be expected

Restoration Hardware - Remy and Marcel chairRestoration Hardware - Remy and Marcel chairs 2


I love the Bon Vivant energy these simple little chairs give a space, whether used indoors or outside.  Based off early 20th-century café chairs from France, they have a delightful early industrial sense to them. Classic, simple, practical, charming, light weight and compact… what more could you want for additional seating.

  • Made of powder-coated steel, with a curved tubular back frame and a single oversized vertical slat with embossed seat
  • Rubber feet prevent damage to floor
Restoration Hardware - French factory desk
Restoration harware - French factory desk 2


In itself a work of sculpture, the French Factory desk is a celebration of the early 20th Cent. in industrial France with its wonderfully minimalist aesthetic, attention to detail, inherent sculptural form, durability and surprising grace and simplicity of line.  I like the fact that the desk is actually spacious enough to WORK on… something most desks nowadays don’t allow (we don’t ALL just use a small laptop and nothing else).  I love the two curving, open compartments for storage and the hidden slide-out panel beneath the curved top to expand the work space or support a keyboard.  It comes in both a gorgeous, vintage looking gun metal finish OR a wonderfully deco feeling glossy chrome.

  • Frame, top, sides and shelves are built of metal and welded for strength
  • Full-depth perforated metal side shelves stow reference works or bins of small necessities
  • Stands on square-bar legs united by stretchers
  • Gunmetal grey finish, protected by clear lacquer or a high sheen chrome finish.

Restoration hardware - deconstructed shelter line

Restoration Hardware - deconstructed shelter wingback

MORE of the DECONSTRUCTED series I love (above)

Restoration Hardware - Reclaimed french floorboard coffee table

Restoration Hardware - Reclaimed French floorboard coffee table 2


I LOVE the “modern meets historic” feeling of the Floorboard series of tables from Restoration Hardware.  Spare, elegant, oversized, rustic, modern and bold…these tables ground a seating grouping.  It gives the room a calm elegance allowing you to group a wonderful collection on top of the table, juxtaposing modern elements and various patinas.  The wood used is from the Jura mountains in France from the unique barns located there and averages over 150 years old.

  • Crafted from thick 150-year-old pine floorboards, carefully cleaned and finished to preserve the hallmarks of age and use
  • Set on iron bases, welded and finished by hand for a warm, antique industrial patina that complements the wood


For more pieces from RESTORATION HARDWARE check out their website and let me know which pieces you have used.