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A beautiful example of Eclectic Layerism

Continuing our previous discussion about ECLECTIC LAYERISM is the stunning, layered and captivating home of David Jimenez, recently featured in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST.  Jimenez has created a space that is, all at the same time, luxurious, layered, complex, warm, inviting, cerebral, masculine, traveled and very sexy.  The home is a wonderful example of how you can keep a modern sensibility (functionality, practicality and usage) WHILE simultaneously layering the space with personal treasures, sacred familial objects and historic pieces.  This is what I like to refer to as infusing the modern/clean-lined elements with personality and the richness of the past.  By mixing and layering these design elements (carefully and with great precision)  the catalytic result is the creation of a space with  a conceptual twist and a heavy dash of wit.  Jimenez’s home in a historic high-rise was replete with original mouldings, character and spectacular light/windows.  The renovation was confined to the bathrooms and kitchen while the rest of the house was restored, BUT given a modern twist, colour and functionality.  I especially love the thick wedges of marble used for the white on white kitchen for the counter-tops and the airy glass-front cabinets. The home feels both very personal but at the same time very welcoming and usable.  I love the quote from Jimenez about how he knew that Design was going to be his life work… “I was a kid who liked rearranging my parents’ living room, which had blue shag carpeting—and what I did made them so happy.  I’ve always been sensitive to the impact of space and environment and mood.”  Some of my favourite spaces from the ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST feature include the following:

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The living room is a combination of vintage, antique, modern, Artisan and “Find”.  The fluffy vintage flokati carpet softens the wood floor and gives the space an airy, cloud-like sensibility.  I particularly like the casual way of displaying the Art by leaning it on the long console.  Nothing in the space feels precious or “roped off”.  It is meant to be used and enjoyed.

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The library feels very masculine and has that “World traveler”  look that has become very popular.  I ADORE a Bibliostyle space and like the way the books and Art are intermixed.  The daybed works brilliantly because it accesses two seating areas making the space much more functional.

ARCH DIGEST feature on jimenez

The master bedroom feels spacious, interesting and welcoming… perfect for those moments when we need to retreat to our own private “nest” and savour a quiet moment.  The folding screen is vintage and plays off beautifully against the warm mauve gray of the walls.

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 The kitchen is airy, fresh, light and welcoming.  The simple space is given a lovely elegance with the thick wedge of marble.  I would however LOVE to see the walls painted out with chalkboard paint in a soft black that absorbed the light and let the counters sparkle and be the star of the space.