Meet the Bamileke Headdress…Add glamour, drama and a burst of salivatory, saturated colour.

Hot Pink Bamileke Feather Headdress By Safari Fusion

This striking Bamileke Feather Headdress is traditionally worn by royal dancers during ceremonies held by the tribal chief.  They are handmade in Cameroon by the Bamileke tribe from northern Cameroon. Their craftsmanship is exquisite in every detail.  I adore their burst of energy and the visual joy of life they express.  The Headdress symbolizes prosperity and are rare objects of beauty believed to possess the positive qualities of birds and the beauty and fragility of life.

This headdress (or Juju Hat) consists of dyed chicken feathers hand stitched into a raffia basket. It folds into itself for easy transportation and storage. I can imagine them being like a gallery object in a white room creating an impressive display or adding some needed sizzle to a traditional room, giving it a sexy and conceptual twist.  Add colour, texture and a rich sense of humour to your space.  It comes in a variety of rich, juicy colours as well as black or white (very My Fair Lady).

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