Interior Design Trends 2014: Simplicity, Depth & Elegance

Design Trends 2014 Pantone Radiant Orchid

The magnanimus aspect of Design trends are that they help us evolve and grow, while adapting and incorporating new elements, products, technology, ideology and FRESHNESS into our homes, lifestyle and environments.  A Design trend should never be confused with something that is “Trendy”.  Adapting to Design trends and simply being “Trendy” are as biometrically opposed as something that has inherit-style as opposed to “Trying to be Stylish”.  Trends are an ephemeral aspect of Design in which global forces effect our zeitgeist.  The elements affecting these trends take longer to develop and last longer in interior design than they do in other aesthetically oriented industries such as fashion, cinema or retail.

Interior design thankfully doesn’t have the same level of “trend churn” seen in the fashion industry.  However, that being said, our tastes DO evolve, materials are improved, refined or invented, fashion trends DO effect colour and aesthetics, and our homes (like our clothes) reflect who we are and what we believe at any given moment.  The reality of modern day life is that our ever quickening pace and demands on our time affect interior design trends and the evolution of ways in which the diamond of Design is faceted, cut and displayed each year.  These trends effect how we want to live in our homes and how we see/use/aspire to adapt these changes to your living rooms, dining rooms, library, kitchen, entrance hall… LITERALLY every space in our home. So aside from the “trendy” aspects of 2014 such as glossy brass furniture (yawn), turquoise accents, long hair animal hides (I just can’t anymore) and tons of floral patterns (NO… please no… let’s all pretend we don’t see this one and perhaps it will die a quick death).  Here here is a list of MY biggest, best and most FRESH Design trends that we can all HAPPILY embrace in 2014:

Design Trends 2014 Indoor Outdoor Hybrid the next generation

Design Trends 2014 Indoor Outdoor synthesis Outdoor Entertaining

1. Indoor meets Outdoor – EXTREME Fusion

One of the BIGGEST and most pervasive trends this year will be the UBER fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly.  Outdoor settings will push the feeling of being “indoor spaces magically transported into the garden“, while interior rooms will have multiple sets of French doors that open to the outside, as well as larger windows that bring in the outdoors visually.  This is the logical progression of the trend that outdoor fabrics have undergone in the last few years, including developing better and longer lasting materials that are drastically more sophisticated and “interior” in look and feel.  This trend has DRAMATICALLY effected the design of outdoor furniture which actually looks and feels like interior furniture now.  Companies such as Gloster have brought Danish modern to the patio; while iconic Designers such as Bunny Williams (who has an outdoor collection through Century) and Michael S. Smith (whose line is through Brown Jordan) have created outdoor furniture collections that feel remarkably sexy, fresh and VERY “interior” and HIGH design.  Fabrics by SunbrellaPerennials and many other companies are dramatically more varied and luxurious this year.  Accessories, big for your outdoor living space, will include brilliantly coloured stools, chairs and side tables, modern-style teakwood furniture, sumptuous outdoor sofas (barely distinguishable from their indoor counterparts) and of course OUTDOOR BAR CARTS!  The outdoor living area has actually been directly effected by the fashion “catwalk”… think long, lean and SEXY (don’t be afraid of colour clashing on the patio both in prints and in your accessory furniture).  The kitchen above is the perfect blending of outdoor meets indoor in a fresh and uplifting manner, Designed by Urrutia Design. Remember to think BIG with your outdoor accessories, they should be as limitless as the sky itself.

Design Trends 2014 Modern Feature Lighting the matheny-suspension-light-fixture

Design Trends 2014 Statement Lighting

2. UBER Modern & Sculptural Statement Lighting

Lighting is a critical component to interior design and has been an area of massive growth in the Design industry over the last few years.  While the last few seasons have been about multiheaded – directional fixtures, the BIG thing now is for oversized, scupltural and SEXY statement lighting.  Gone are traditional, transitional and contemporary fixtures… THE HOTTEST accessory for a home or commercial space now are crisply modern, statement fixtures that are equal parts “work of Art and light source.  The feature light shown by MATHENY is simply SPECTACULAR… sexy, fresh, modern, vintage, conceptual and intriguing.  I love the usage of this years Geometrical trend applied to the oval, square or rectangular shapes available.  This piece would be a SHOWSTOPPING Ethel Merman moment in any Design plan, and is at its core an interpretation of classic designs with a higher aesthetic feeling and conceptual undertone. This sculptural beauty is a stunning example of Design sophistication and exudes a timeless iconic feeling.

Design Trends 2014 Vintage Finds

3.  Incorporating Vintage Pieces

Thanks to how “connected” we are to social media nowadays, the lifespan of a Design trend has been cut in half (or less).  Things that used to begin in Designer showrooms and then trickle into the media are now immediately posted and shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest (to name but a few).  This is why vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces have become a MUST HAVE this year.  These gorgeous curiosities (furniture, lighting, accessories) all have their own story and thus add a richer conceptual feeling to your home while also infusing it with originality and personality.  I ADORE the visual and conceptual tension created by pairing modern and vintage/antique pieces in your home, creating a traveled and uplifting sensibility.  DON’T FORGET… We are NOT all the same and neither should our interiors be the same.  Add volume, surprise, mystery, richness and delight through the contrast and tension between minimal modern elements and beautifully quirky or unique antique/vintage finds (much like the space from Elle Decor shown above).

Design Trends 2014 Layering by Kelly Wearstler

Design Trends 2014 Elle Decor UK LAYERING

4.  Master LAYERING – Uber Eclectic Layerism

Another huge trend this year is the progression or “NEXT generation” development of Ecclectic Layerism, a trend we saw gain momentum in 2013.  This is the conceptual, visual and aesthetic layering of materials, colours, eras, styles and textures to create a space that is both RICHLY personal as well as deeply and methodically planned and designed (much like the exquisite Kelly Wearstler room shown above).  Eclectic Layerism is about weaving together disparate elements that work together in such a fashion as to best exemplify the best aspects/attributes of each piece or element when placed together, thereby creating a richly personal and conceptual space.  Think creatively and PUSH your boundaries with this and play with the possibilities.

Design Trends 2014 Nidification ELLE DECOR Cameron Diaz

5.  Nidification – EXTREME Nesting

Nidification is literally defined as the act of nesting.  I decided to label this years trend of UBER-Nesting with this moniker to give a sense of how Nesting has transformed into the current glamorous and intensive hybrid that involves detailed, small scale entertaining, the LATEST in technology and the incorporation of luxury at home.  From professional/commercial espresso machines, home theaters, smart home wiring, professional kitchens tricked out with ALL the bells/whistles and spaces devoted to maximizing home enjoyment, UBER Nesting is here to stay. (Above room courtesy of Elle Decor)

Design Trends 2014 Geometric Patterns in Design

6.  Geometric Patterns

Geometric shapes are literally showing up everywhere in the home this year.  Walls, furniture, mirrors, accent pieces, upholstery, lighting and fabrics to name a few. Typically, the geometric look goes with contemporary and modern décor and is often paired with bold or retro colours.  HOWEVER, the trend this year is about Geometry being added to eclectic, glamourous and sophisticated spaces and details.  This new generation of geometric patterns is more about tone on tone in rich, saturated colours and luxurious materials. (Such as the gorgeous space above by Martyn Lawrence Bullard whom I ADORE) The brilliant aspect of this trend is that you can keep your room mostly as is (don’t be afraid of a lick of paint and some new accessories) and add a bold geometric rug and POW… your room has been completely transformed.  Whether you are drawn to circles, zig zags, squares, angled shapes like triangles and trapezoids, or complex-interwoven diagonals.. there is the perfect geometric pattern for you space.

Design Trends 2014 Bar Carts 2


THE ESSENTIAL home accessory this (and every year in my opinion) is a gorgeous bar cart, otherwise known as a “portable party”.  Sexy, stylish, functional and sculptural, bar carts add drama, festivity and personality to a space.  Perhaps as a result of shows like Mad Men and other mid-century dramas that populate our television screens, Bar carts are a visual punctuation mark that express a chic and sophisticated sensibility.  I ESPECIALLY adore them when stocked with a variety of gorgeous coloured bottles and long, sexy-stemmed glassware.  There is the perfect bar cart for EVERY decor, including rustic, refined, traditional, modern, period or uber posh. Of course, don’t think you must have it outfitted with liquor if you don’t drink.  What about creating a Teetotalers DELIGHT by decking yours out with tea, artisan waters and a variety of brilliantly bottled juices with a variety of artisan glassware and stainless or lucite accessories.  SHEER HEAVEN.

Design Trends 2014 Statement Walls - Wabi Wallcovering by New Wall

Design Trends 2014 Statement Walls - Log End Walls

8. Statement Walls

ESSENTIAL in 2014 after having become a big trend in the spring/summer of 2013, Statement walls are about making the architectural envelope of your space the Art in your room.  Such as in the examples above (the EXQUISITE usage of the cut log slices or the mylar infused with metals shown above by New Wall) the goal is for the wall itself to stand alone and represent you and your Design ethos.  Think BOLD, SEXY, FRESH, UNEXPECTED and DRAMATIC.  Whether you are opting to upholster your walls in a sumptuous tufted or quilted velvet, suede or mohair, or add a textural wallpaper such as grass cloths or an embellished wallpaper with glass beads and crystals (such as theSwarovski Elements Wallpaper) think of pushing your boundaries and trying something new and innovative.  Personally I ADORE the look and conceptual feeling the log slices give and am dying to try it out.

Trend Colours for 2014 from Benjamin Moore include the following:

California Breeze # 757 – Sexy, airy & fresh.  A Design staple for creating a layered and conceptual richness that mixes beautifully with multiple creams, whites, chocolates and berry tones.

Breath of Fresh Air # 806 – Calm, serene & cerebral.  Great for ceilings or feature walls.

Coral Essence # 2007-40 – A sexy, juicy and uplifting POP of rich yet livable colour.

Sparrow # AF-720 – Cerebral and calm with a rich visual depth.  A perfect saturated colour for feature walls or a family room with over-sized Art.

Design Trends 2014 Geometric Patterns

The Agadir Screen in Lapis (shown above) is BOLD, rich, graphic and visually striking.  This wallpaper, Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Schumacher, is a TOTAL showstopper.  

Design Trends 2014 Indoor Outdoor synthesis Outdoor Entertaining

Mixing 2 trends together…this Outdoor bar cart adds glamour, fun and SEX to this outdoor setting with a bold, juicy and fresh pop of colour.

Design Trends 2014 Bar Carts

This bar cart picks up on the Restaurant chic nature popular this year while also allowing it to be truly portable and work both indoors and outdoors depending upon the party or occassion.

Design Trends 2014 Layerism ELLE DECOR Designer Robert Stilin

Richly layered yet cerebral, calm and VERY elegant.. this space Designed by Richard Stilin was an early precursor to this years trend of vintage, layered, cerebral and zen all masterfully mixed together.

Radiant Orchid by Pantone - Colour of the Year 2014

Radiant Orchid by Pantone – Colour of the Year 2014

Radiant Orchid (shown above) is the 2014 colour of the year according to Pantone (in case you haven’t heard or were living under a rock).  Radiant Orchid or # 18-3224 to be exact, is a “dazzling harmony of purple, pink and fuchsia undertones” that complement a variety of olive and green tones while also offering a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and yellow. It is an uplifting and bold colour without overpowering a room and allowing you to layer it into a space.