Hand woven Silk carpets created from vintage Silk Saris and Silk carpets…a visual and tactile Delight

Aquasilk Handwoven Carpet From Arch Digest March 2011
Colour so rich and with a visual depth unparalleled, combined with both a visual and tactile texture unmatched, the AquaSilk line of handwoven carpets from ABC Carpet is beyond aspirational.  They make me think of Aladdin’s magic carpet in the way they conjure images of their past, the romance of their history and the brilliant nature of their recycled new life.  What began by www.abccarpets.com as a project to salvage imperfect, vintage carpets, historic and vintage Silk Saris and vintage silk remnants, resulted in this revolutionary movement of combining the best and richest colours with the global nature of their history and the environmental aspect of the recycling of materials. The variations in the tonality of pigment result in each piece literally being a one of a kind end result drawn from a series of one of a kind source materials.  Of course tied with this are inconsistencies inherent in this process which only makes each hand woven carpet all the more magical for me. I also adore how the concept and process takes what was once a traditional carpet and transforms them into a modern work of art.  While they are definetely what one would call “high end”…they can still be a wonderful source of inspiration through their colour, the concept or simply their stunning beauty.  Tell me what you think.  Robin